Widespread Crop Failures The U.S.

US may be facing largest crop failures in history.

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Torrential rains have been hammering the heartland of America for months, and at this point vast stretches of farmland in the middle of the country are nothing but mud. As a result of the endless rain and unprecedented flooding that we have witnessed, millions of acres of farmland will have nothing planted on them at all in 2019, and that is a major national crisis. But most farmers were able to get seeds planted in the deplorable conditions, and now they are desperately hoping that something will actually grow. Unfortunately, on farm after farm what is coming out of the ground looks absolutely terrible. Even if we get ideal weather conditions for the rest of the summer, there is no way that many of these fields will be ready before the first hard frost arrives. As you will see below, the truth is that we are potentially facing the most…

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6 thoughts on “Widespread Crop Failures The U.S.

  1. I’ve been telling people for months what they were working towards with all this climate engineering. It is finally beginning to show. Hell, what is going to happen when the farmers can’t grow crops? Next, the country can’t feed itself. Then the mercy of the globalists


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