Mike Pompeo Threatens to Intervene in British Democracy to Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister

In 1975 the CIA instigated a coup against Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam to remove him from power: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/oct/23/gough-whitlam-1975-coup-ended-australian-independence

Counter Information

Global Research, June 10, 2019

US Secretary for State Mike Pompeo has come under fire after a recording emerged of him saying he’d intervene to stop Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister. In the recording first reported by the Washington Post, Pompeo suggests he won’t wait for Corbyn to be elected, rather he’ll attempt to stop it from being possible.

The off the record meeting was from when The Secretary for State met Jewish leaders to discuss Donald Trump’s proposed Peace Deal between Palestine and Israel.

Apart from appearing un-optimistic about the Peace Deal, he found time to comment on UK politics. When asked by an attendee;

if Corbyn “is elected, would you be willing to work with us to take on actions if life becomes very difficult for Jews in the U.K.?”

Pompeo gives a very clear response. Considering the allegations…

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2 thoughts on “Mike Pompeo Threatens to Intervene in British Democracy to Stop Corbyn Becoming Prime Minister

  1. Fascism . They push it. No democracy left. That have to control everything through citzens united, electronic vote manipulation . They control AM radio,.. They have cable via CNN-MSNBC, acting like oppostition. There is the Murdoch , Fox-newspaper, local TV News, Newspaper monopoly.

    They work hard on the internet with extremism and fabulation that is criminal or borderline criminal while posing as populists.

    From twitter.

    “Your cavalier attitude is despicable, Claire. You clearly don’t care that you‘ve helped expose people to death threats on a forum that has already spawned a number of massacres. You are a disgrace and your fellow-traveling publication is beneath contempt.”
    A righwing mag and forum posing as moderate.

    Though they claim facebook is oppresing them, they used Facebook and Cambridge Analytica(mercer-koch i360), to capture elections in australia and brazil, for rightwing authoritians . They used baldfaced lies and gutter propanganda. They used End times nihilism propaganda . They strongarm and manipulate votes


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