All elections are dead ends

Message from Toulouse Yellow Vests.

The Slow Burning Fuse

David-Crane-1957-01-20 copyThe Gilet Jaunes have come to understand  the truth about elections

All elections are dead ends, as the movement has known from the beginning: we have avoided all the pitfalls that have been set for us (co-optation by the government, appointment of representatives, manipulation by parties or unions, division between good and bad “Gilets jaunes”, etc.). We will never fall again into the election trap that […] only serves to establish the power of those who have a party apparatus, an enormous social and financial capital, relays in the media, etc. and certainly not to serve the interests of “those who are nothing”.

Because the State serves the economy, not the other way round! It is the armed wing that protects the interests of those who make their fortune by trading our means of subsistence (food, shelter, clothing, transportation, health care, education). It is in the pay of multinational companies…

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