Buyer Beware: Faulty Medical Devices Can Be Fatal

Out of Control: The Dangerous Health Business

DW (2019)

Film Review

In this documentary, DW investigates the EU’s medical device industry. The filmmakers maintain that medical complications caused by defective devices have increased by 300% in the EU and 1500% in the US, where regulation is even more lax.

The principal devices DW looks at are pacemakers, replacement hips, breast implants, insulin pumps, transvaginal mesh stabilizers and plastic spinal disk replacements. Reported complications include the failure of pacemakers to prevent fatal arrythmias, insulin pumps that accidentally overdose patients on insulin, and breast and orthopedic implants that rupture, leading to cancer, severe chronic pain and other serious complications.

The EU fails to rigorously enforce companies’ reporting requirements when patients and doctors discover defects in their products. Worse still, the EU allows some companies to bring medical devices to market without any clinical trials at all.

A German Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has recently introduced a bill that would create a government certification program for all new medical devices. At present the EU allows manufacturers to hire private certifying companies to approve the safety of their products.

3 thoughts on “Buyer Beware: Faulty Medical Devices Can Be Fatal

  1. The best thing anyone can do is to leave those medical devices alone. Have nothing implanted in your body; that is your best defense against this shit! Don’t get it inserted in the first place. We’ve known for quite some time that hip replacements have been problematic. Hell! Even people with knee replacements have been complaining that the so-called ‘replacement’ is worse than what they originally needed it for because it certainly did not help.

    Over a decade ago, an orthopedic surgeon tried to get me to get knee replacement surgery in both knees due to osteoarthritis setting in at a young age for me and I declined. That bastard had gone ahead and scheduled the surgery and when I got the call for the date of surgery, I cussed them out. I have been told that I need surgery for my thyroid because I’ve got a huge goiter on the right side and I absolutely refuse to get that surgery done since my former Endocrinologist in Minnesota stated that it only needs to be monitored meaning that I should have an ultrasound done on it every year, which gets done. Not to mention, I still have two teeth in my jaw that some have said need to come out while others say, leave them in. Needless to say, no one will touch them and so quite actually, to the medical field, why I am still alive is a complete and utter mystery to them and to me as well.

    However, I refuse more procedures than I have done and I absolutely refuse to undergo even one more damn colonoscopy despite my current doctor harping on it, constantly. One doctor told me, previously, that I did not have the ‘trait’ for colon cancer and that I did not need any more colonoscopies. Needless to say, regardless of whether or not I have some supposed ‘trait’ or not, I absolutely flat out refuse to undergo another colonoscopy. It is my opinion that they do more harm than good because before I had the colonoscopies, I had no problems with my colon. It was only after having had two colonoscopies that I have developed problems with my colon. Those bastards fucked me up and I am still enraged about it!

    Take a proactive approach to your medical care is the best advice I could give.


  2. I’m with you there on the colonoscopies, Shelby. I aspirated and nearly died with my last one and the prep was pure torture. I have one friend who ended up with a colostomy bag because they accidentally gave in an infection that was so severe part of her rectum had to be removed.


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