Capitalism Will Fall: Not a Matter of If, but a Matter of When

by Daniel de Klerk

It is absolutely true that there is no such thing as “free stuff.” Everything has a cost and that cost can come in both the form of concrete labour or that of abstract value and means of exchanging.

The question of wealth distribution is never a question of simply wanting things for free and getting handouts, it is about the question of access. People want food, housing, health care and power over the organisation of their own lives; they don’t want it for nothing, they want it to be within their means to access and use. It is not a matter of entitlement to meaningless luxury, it’s an articulation of real needs necessary for life.

People work their asses off under degrading, backbreaking, boring and mind numbing circumstances, selling away most of their life to be able to live it, or struggle without whilst being deprived of the most basic means to participate in society; while around them the mass of collective wealth accumulates in the hands of rich people and faceless institutions. These People (unlike some other people) are not asking for yachts, private jets, palaces and lifetime supplies of cocaine. Around the world, they’re asking for a roof over their head, food on their table, the health care they need and the real ability to direct the course over their own life. A demand for the most basic necessity for the continuation of *this society* and a demand that is increasingly regarded as impossible and unrealistic.

If life under capitalism becomes impossible then so the continuation of capitalism becomes impossible. The governments developed the welfare system in an attempt to solve this social question, not because we asked them too but because they hoped to stave off the inevitable […]

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4 thoughts on “Capitalism Will Fall: Not a Matter of If, but a Matter of When

    • Gloria, I’m old enough to recall when the big fear was that the Japanese were going to buy up all American infrastructure. The CIA has no problem with that – they reckoned we could always nationalize specified industries if the problem got out of hand.


  1. Speaking of royten Capitalism
    How about the Major Flooding on the arakansas river, that is submerging a rotten old nuclear reactor that had a major fire 3 years ago.
    Jeffrey St. Clair
    No coverage that I can find on the risks this historic flooding poses to the already treacherous Arkansas One Nuclear plant……
    11:59 AM – 23 May 2019
    Arkansas expected to face worst flooding in 29 years, officials say
    “…it’s coming to Arkansas. We know it’s coming.” Flood levels are expected to exceed levels that the area has seen in almost 3 decades.
    THV11 THV11 @THV11
    Mike Zaccardi, CFA, CMT Mike Zaccardi, CFA, CMT
    Replying to @JSCCounterPunch
    please keep us posted if you hear anything about Ark Nuke risks
    View conversation ·
    Dianne Woodward Dianne Woodward
    Replying to @JSCCounterPunch
    The precedent is the Fukoshima disaster…
    View conversation ·


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