Cases Against Assange, Manning Prove: US Legal System Is a Farce

Washington’s case against Julian Assange is so contrived and so weak, that the corrupt US attorney assigned to frame-up Assange has resorted to persecution of Manning in an effort to coerce false testimony against Assange from Manning.


Paul Craig Roberts Mon, May 20, 2019
“Everyone who is aware of the US government’s extraordinary criminal actions at home and abroad bears a heavy weight. The millions of peoples murdered, maimed, orphaned, widowed, and displaced by gratuitous American military aggression comprise a Holocaust of deaths based entirely on lies and false accusations in order to advance secret American and Israeli agendas. I suspect that the heavy burden of responsibility for mass murder and destruction committed in our name is the reason most Americans prefer the fake news fed to them about how good and wonderful and exceptional we are and how hard our government works to protect us from the nasty folks elsewhere.

This storyline converts the illegal brutal war crimes of the US government against women, children, defenseless citizens, schools, wedding parties, funerals, and farmers in their fields into glorious and brave defenses of our liberty and…

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8 thoughts on “Cases Against Assange, Manning Prove: US Legal System Is a Farce

  1. No one has to tell ANY Black person in Amerikkka that the “US legal system is a farce!” We know that shit better than anyone. We have been on the receiving end of that shit since our ancestors were dragged here and so for others to finally get a taste of what we’ve ALWAYS been getting is just icing on the fucked up cake! This shithole has never had a leg to stand on when it come to humanitarianism, exceptionalism and benevolence. The world is no longer fooled by that bullshit nonsense because the world continues to see the brutality of this shithole played out all across this planet. No one on ANY continent believes that the US stands for ANYTHING good or decent. That fake ass ship has sailed.

    They arrested Manning, then finally released Manning and has now re-arrested Manning for the same damn charge. How that makes any sense is a complete and utter mystery to me. Why re-arrest Manning after having let Manning go if Manning failed to comply with the orders of the court the first time around? Why think that Manning would “come around” if Manning was let out of jail the first time for failure to comply? I have been saying since forever that not only does Black folk not have any rights, whites don’t either. They just like to keep up the pretense that they do because it allows them to sleep at night.


      • I am with Jan Stevens, Paul Craig Roberts is a racist. I found this when I looked him up.

        ” The left was ecstatic when a 1998 DNA study concluded that Thomas Jefferson was one of eight possible ancestors of Eston Hemings, a descent of Jefferson’s slave Sally Hemings. The left seized on the implied sexual relationship as proof of Thomas Jefferson’s racism.

        Let’s assume Jefferson had a sexual relationship with Sally Hemings. Does this prove he was a racist, or does it prove the opposite? ”

        Sally Hemings did not have a ‘sexual relationship’ with Thomas Jefferson. Sally Hemings was a slave who was RAPED by Thomas Jefferson, over and over and over again. How in unholy hell can Paul Craig Roberts call RAPE a ‘sexual relationship’ between slave owner and slave? I don’t need any further proof that Paul Craig Roberts is racist and why people continuously spread his shit all around the internet, I don’t know because it only promotes his racist ass agenda. Fuck him!


    • Now let’s turn to your assertion(Paul Craig Roberts) that these days, “in studies of intelligence there can be no reference to its genetic basis.”

      Jeeze Paul! You know, I hope, that there is in fact no genetic basis to variations in human intelligence. There are smart caucasian people and also incredibly stupid ones, just as there are smart Africans, Asians, Inuits, Polynesians, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans and Ainu and also stupid ones. The differences genetically among these various races (all of which are very mixed, by the way) are so trivial as to be as meaningless as hair color or freckles. What the hell is your point? That we should tolerate ignorant bigots touting pseudo-scientific claims that whites are smarter than other races?


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