Facebook gives your estimated Credit details to Phone Companies

Facebook insists it does not perform creditworthiness evaluations, though the company notably refused to deny it supplied data to others who performed the checks, a distinction that may not exempt it from relevant laws.

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Facebook helps phone companies gather user data, including their ‘creditworthiness’ – report

Facebook has supplied phone companies with customers’ private data without their knowledge or consent, and even helped those companies use Facebook behavior to evaluate users’ creditworthiness, documents reportedly show.

The social network supplied data on location, interests, and friend groupings to phone carriers and manufacturers without users’ permission – data that went far beyond mere technical specs.

Users’ activity on Facebook, Instagram and even Messenger was fair game for data-mining, and the platform encouraged and even assisted over 100 global telecoms to use customers’ data for purposes including evaluating their creditworthiness, according to documents seen by the Intercept, which suggest the program is still going on.

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6 thoughts on “Facebook gives your estimated Credit details to Phone Companies

  1. Well I hope that they are still evaluating the creditworthiness of the account that I set up over six years ago and seeing as how I claimed to have been married to Osama bin Laden and had a Titanium Plus Extra Uranium credit card with unlimited credit and that my net worth was so goddamn much that even my personal accountant couldn’t take on another client, they still murdered my beloved in a hovel when he was watching a 10-inch TV screen. My love was Seal Teamed by Seal Team 6 and then deep sixed. And by the way, the name on my Facebook account is Layla Nura Sabah Gamila Yadira bin Laden, but just refer to me as, Zaina.

    This shit is why I am not on Facebook. I am not on Twitter. And it was quite obvious that Facebook was set up for the express purpose of gathering as much information about us as possible in order to feed it to 3rd parties. If I had sense enough to know this, others should have as well. It was ALL a setup.


  2. A Ukrainian immigrant once shared with me, her views on how un-free murica, really is.
    Sure you can play on the internet. You can gossip on Facebook and play the narcissist game there. You can parade your personal information, all over FaceBook for the NSA, credit agencies , and conmen to see. What is freedom, when you cannot Get a mortgage or an apartment or a job and you are homeless . You are homeless, because, some asshat has ruined your credit rating( which is another bogus concept in this totalitarian, topdown capitalist meatgrinder state.)


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