Tokyo 2020 – The Radioactive Olympics

Most concerning are plans to host Olympic baseball and softball games in Fukushima City.

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

In 2020, Japan is inviting athletes from around the world to take part in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. We are hoping for the games to be fair and peaceful. At the same time, we are worried about plans to host baseball and softball competitions in Fukushima City, just 50 km away from the ruins of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. It was here, in 2011, that multiple nuclear meltdowns took place, spreading radioactivity across Japan and the Pacific Ocean – a catastrophe comparable only to the nuclear meltdown of Chernobyl.

The ecological and social consequences of this catastrophe can be seen everywhere in the country: whole families uprooted from their ancestral homes, deserted evacuation zones, hundreds of thousands of bags of irradiated soil dumped all over the country, contaminated forests, rivers and lakes. Normality has not returned to Japan. The reactors continue to be a radiation hazard…

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2 thoughts on “Tokyo 2020 – The Radioactive Olympics

  1. My best Friend in Yokohama, by Tokyo got Colon cancer in 2012. Her daughter has thyroid cancer. Dr Busby found Cesium 137 levels in a tokyo apt at 1100 Bq. There are no safe levels of cesium 137. Not even 20 Bq. THE victims of Chernobyl heart, in Belarus consistently tested at 40 Bq cesium and above, for years after chernobyl.
    My friend’s 25 yo daughter, worked for microsoft in 2014. She was assigned to go to Tokyo, for 3 months. I told her not to go. She came back with a persistent cough and lung damage, that contimues to plague her. Thanks for posting this article , Dr Bramhall


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