Sweden To ReOpen Case Against Assange

In 2013, the Swedish government wanted to drop the case but the UK pressured them to keep it open. This case was reopened under intense political pressure not because Assange is guilty in any way. The whole case has been mishandled and hopefully, this gives Assange a chance to clear his name.

Angel Fox Media

In a media briefing this morning, a Swedish prosecutor announced they will be reopening the rape case against Assange. Sweden formerly closed the case after speaking with Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in 2017. The allegations against Assange would not stand up in any other country. Both girls involved say the sex was consensual.

This case appears to be exactly what was stated in the Stratfor email seen below.

The facts on this case can be found at justice4assange.com

The Facts

There is widespread media misreporting about allegations made against Julian Assange in Sweden in 2010. Here are the facts:

First, Assange was always willing to answer any questions from the Swedish authorities and repeatedly offered to do so, over six years. The widespread media assertion that Assange “evaded” Swedish questioning is false. It was the Swedish prosecutor who for years refused to question Assange in the…

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