Sprint Shuts Down 5G Tower in US school yard following protests over several cancer cases in children & teachers

If 5G is so safe, ask yourself, why is it being deployed in SECRET?

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

“All in all, three teachers and four students have been battling various cancers since 2016. Two preschool-age children have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor and leukemia. Another family claims that their 22-year-old son who attended the school had a brain tumor surgically removed.”
That these are ever allowed in a school yard at all is a crime of gigantic proportions in my opinion, and let alone 5G! If 5G is so safe, ask yourself, why is it being deployed in SECRET? Quietly appearing in a streets/schools/neighbourhoods near you. Watch people & be informed & ready to oppose any technology that they cannot prove (with independent not industry research) is harmless for your health.
From prepforthat.com

Sprint has shut down a 5G cell phone tower amid an outpouring of concerns over recent cancer cases. Ripon elementary school parents have long suspected that the tower is responsible for several cancer cases…

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3 thoughts on “Sprint Shuts Down 5G Tower in US school yard following protests over several cancer cases in children & teachers

  1. Have you ever accidentally left a metal spoon or some other metal in some food, and tried to microwave? It sparks inside the meat or bowl of food, in the microwave.

    That occurs from the absorbed microwaves eddying into electrical energy and heat, in the metal as the metal reflects the microwaves.

    5G microwave generators do a similar thing inside u. The 5g means a highly increased density of microwave energy around everyone, all the time..

    Microwaves can catalyze chemical reactions. They use them to do so commercially.

    Microwaves can catalyze chemical changes and reactions, in the delicate biochemical cascades, of living organisms and cells.

    Microwaves from 5G can vibrate, activate and effect bioccumulated radionuclies and metals in your blood and body, in the same way microwaves do in a microwave oven! It means greater inner irradiation from bioccumulated rafionuclides, that we all now have .

    Mega free radicals and tissue damage.
    How stupid, the asses of technology are!
    Reminds me of tetraethyl lead in gasoline. 1 mililiter of tetraethyl lead, will give u instant irreversable, alzeimers disease!

    Tetraethyl lead caused inner city violence in sixties 70s 80s. Hi blood levels of lead in inner city kids, was from tetraethyl lead, not lead paint . i know i helped do a retrospective study on it. They lie. they lie, they lie more


  2. What I’m waiting for, Gloria, is a good instruction manual for how to disable these transmitters when they put them up on you light pole. I expect there will be one in front of every house since these 5G microwaves travel such short distances.


  3. That will be interesting. It may spell their failure. They are mass producing the devices for sure. The emitters are probably somewhat technically flawed too and fragile. Such a high price for vanity greed and control. It has reached a point where there it has questionable viability even in this loathsome, toxic, self-destrucing system.

    It takes quite a bit of brain-power to keep the fake illusions of technological progress going now. The electrical engineers , chemical engineers , nuclear engineers, industrial engineers, genetic engineers, are constantly working to improve profitable technologies for growth capitalism. They are attenuating the toxicicity of the chemical, genetically engineered plants and organisms, radionuclides, and microwaves they are producing, in the process. .
    They are producing more highly efficient neurotoxic poisons, in a world that is already saturated with the more blunt versions. It is a point of diminishing returns.
    All those smart little men, and tin-soldier generals, polluting the planet with poisons  for money . Poisons that are making their smarts fall away, till they are lost.


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