Should the voting age be lowered?

In Australia, the current voting age is 18 years old. The same age required to drink and be considered an ‘adult’. However, recent political activism by youth, regarding the same-sex marriage debate and climate change has raised the question of whether the voting age should be lowered.

So should the voting age be lowered to 16?

Yes, but for 16 and 17-year old’s it should be voluntary.

As highlighted in the recent climate change rallies, it is young people who are most likely going to feel the long-term effects of today’s political decisions. By the age of 16, individuals can learn to drive, have a job and consent to sexual intercourse, so why shouldn’t they be able to vote too if they wish?

Furthermore, the opportunity to vote while individuals are still at school could assist in introducing political conversation within schools, allowing youth to understand politics and who they want to vote for. Greens Senator Jordan Steele-John, who set up a joint committee to address this topic, agrees with this perspective stating, “One of the things this reform gives the opportunity to do is to bring the democratic process into the classroom in a tangible way”. He went on to further state that “If such a proposal (reducing the voting age) were to be made legal, major political parties would focus more on policies targeting young people”. These statements highlight how not only lowering the voting age would make youth more politically involved, but also improve the responsiveness of the government to addressing issues faced by youth […]

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2 thoughts on “Should the voting age be lowered?

  1. Most 20 yr. old’s are clueless- serious ‘dumbing down in this country’… 16?… I bet most that age in this country, have already forgotten who the VP is, let alone have a grasp on policies that affect our world… I have a grandson 16, the only academic achiever in the lot- he too is ‘disinterested’ in even social issues… Hoping when they get to college, reality will break through… lol..

    The attraction to cell phones and video games in this country is MUCH stronger than anything meaningful … A sad state of affairs… Did you know they now have treatment centers for device addiction… Can you believe it??…


    • I hate to say it, Deb, but most 60 year olds I encounter are clueless – especially if they’re white and male. The School Strike for Climate is a very vibrant social movement here in NZ, and I’ve met scores of 16 and 17 year olds who are much more knowledgeable than many of my friends.


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