‘The wicked Samaritans’: Big Companies Initiating Tobacco Smoking to School Pupils in Zambia

By Chris Zumani Zimba

This is why I call them “WICKED SAMARITANS”, trust me, all tobacco farmers, cigarette manufacturers and suppliers across the world are pretty aware that smoking is a guaranteed path to Self-Suicide as tobacco is dangerously harmful and brutally toxic to human live. By introducing tobacco smoking to minors, children and teenagers around all schools via heavy and colorful adverts in shops, kiosks, food outlets, mobile vendors, it is clear that these tobacco companies are heartlessly only interested in increasing sales and profits as they don’t respect the public health of innocent minors or adhere to the core values of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC); “doing everything in the best interest of the child”.

  1. Big Companies that are initiating Tobacco Smoking to School Pupils in Zambia   

According to a 2018 study that was launched in March, 2019 conducted in the context of the Tobacco Industry Accountability (TIA) Project funded by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CTFK) and implemented by the African Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA) and its country partner, Tobacco-Free Association of Zambia (TOFAZA), there are specific tobacco companies and cigarette brands that are initiating Tobacco Smoking to School Pupils and children in Zambia. The study revealed that the tobacco companies or cigarette brands that are heavily advertising their cigarettes and aggressively sponsoring their tobacco related products around Zambian schools targeting pupils are 1. Chelsea, 2. Pull Mall, 3. Guards, 4. Express Royal, 5. Pacific Blue, 6. Peter Stuyvesant, 7. Safari and 8. Monte Carlo among others1.   

In total, the study revealed that 274 permanent kiosks, 220 convenience stores/groceries and 178 mobile vendors around the said 30 schools freely sold and advertised single stick cigarettes and other tobacco brands […]

via ‘The wicked Samaritans’: Big Companies that are initiating Tobacco Smoking to School Pupils in Zambia — Afrodemocracy Journal

4 thoughts on “‘The wicked Samaritans’: Big Companies Initiating Tobacco Smoking to School Pupils in Zambia

  1. I am not surprised! And where I live, every damn body smokes. Everyone down here in this hole has a cigarette between their lips. And the lung cancer death rate is out-of-control. My aunt died from lung cancer, her daughter died from lung cancer, my uncle died from lung cancer and his daughter also died from lung cancer and still, these people smoke like there is no tomorrow and for many, there won’t be!

    I am just sorry that they’ve now gotten those young people over in Zambia hooked on that shit! I cannot stress it enough, corporations are NOT our friend!!!


  2. As far as I can see, Shelby, the imperative to dismantle capitalism gets stronger everyday. The people who run corporations are so immoral and short sighted, they will destroy the planet by the end of the century – either through nuclear war or catastrophic climate change.

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    • That is true because we are dealing with temperatures of 81°F for the next two days, then it will go back down into the 60s and then back up to 81°F next week and so if it is like this now, imagine the long hot ass summer we are going to suffer through which means turning up the AC, thus contributing to climate change.


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