Are You Sure You have Nothing to Hide?

Nothing to Hide

Directed by Mark Meillassoux (2017)

Film Review

This documentary, featuring NSA whistleblowers Williman Binney, Thomas Drake and Edward Snowden, challenges the dismissive attitude (Who cares? I have nothing to hide) of many Smartphone and Internet users towards government agencies and corporations that collect all their personal data.

Binney, Drake and Snowden maintain everyone has something to hide. For example, health information collected by dating sites and sold to insurance and pharmaceutical companies. And the 60% of us who engage in minor lawbreaking. And all the free speech activities (following the Christchurch shooting, New Zealand is a prime example) that used to be legal but are illegal now.

Binney and Drake are particularly concerned about all the data governments collect on us – allegedly to protect us against terrorism. Even though mass surveillance hasn’t prevented a single terrorist act. Which is no surprise when you understand the true purpose of mass surveillance. Namely to protect governments against us, ie to suppress activities that might undermine the power of the oligarchs who control our so-called democracy.

To demonstrate this point, the filmmakers interview an East German human rights activist, who has kept the thousands of records the Stasi kept on her prior to reunification. In addition to recording all her phone calls and meetings with fellow activists, 49 friends, including her boyfriend, made regular reports to the Stasi on all her movements and activities.




9 thoughts on “Are You Sure You have Nothing to Hide?

  1. I’ve got quite a lot to hide; the money that I have hidden offshore, the fact that I used to be quite a good stripper, also the fact that I once dated Osama bin Laden and was going to marry him if Seal Team 6 hadn’t arrived on the scene to stop our wedding and now my love has been ‘deep sixed’, not to mention the illegal counterfeiting operation I had going on until my co-conspirator ran off with the plates and last but not least, I was trying to hide the fact that I am married to three different men.

    So yes, this upsets me greatly to know that I thought I was hiding those things quite well only to realize from this blog that, nope…not at all.

    Thanks for clearing that up Dr. Bramhall. I can only strive to do better at my attempts to hide the shit I do from the gummint.

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  2. don henley

    They know the road by which you came
    They know your mother’s maiden name
    And what you had for breakfast
    And what you’ve hidden in the mattress

    Insect politics
    Indifferent universe
    Bang your head against the wall
    But apathy is worse

    It’s an inside job
    It’s an inside job
    It’s an inside job
    Yeh, yeah

    It’s an inside job
    It’s an inside job
    It’s an inside job
    It’s an inside job

    It’s an inside job
    It’s an inside job

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  3. not sure where i got this quote but it is chillingly astute
    “America’s ‘Domestic Surveillance Directorate‘ – a website run by the NSA – makes the worryingly Orwellian statement: “Your Data: If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Fear” (literally, it does say that) that should make most of us even more suspicious of their intentions.”

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