Slaughterhouse: What the Meat Industry Hides

Slaughterhouse: What the Meat Industry Hides

Directed by Tras Los Muros (2017)

Film Review

In this documentary, filmmakers have secretly compiled haphazard slaughter techniques in 50 Mexican abattoirs that exported meat to the US between 2015 and 2017. It covers the slaughter of chickens, pigs, horses and cows.

Under Mexican and treaty law, workers are required to employ “humane” slaughter techniques that minimize animal suffering. In most cases, this means the animals must be stunned by electrocution, CO2 asphyxiation or a captive bolt pistol prior to slaughter.

As the video reveals, nearly all aspects of the slaughter process have been mechanized. The failure of stunning, in many cases, leaves many animals to suffer horribly as they are skinned alive.

5 thoughts on “Slaughterhouse: What the Meat Industry Hides

  1. It is very bad now in Murcia some trump deregulated it. Especially pork. Expect epidemics and the shot hitting the fan soon. Like Boeing. Multiple industrial accidents


  2. There is yet another e coli outbreak and the claim is that they have no idea what company is behind it.

    “The CDC says ground beef is behind an E. coli outbreak that has sickened more than 109 people and hospitalized 17

    Federal health officials said Friday that ground beef is behind an E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 109 people, 17 of whom have been hospitalized.

    No common brand or supplier of the tainted meat has been identified yet, and the investigation is ongoing, the Centers for Disease Control said in a post on its website.

    People sickened by the outbreak reported eating ground beef both at home and in restaurants.”

    So, as you can see, it matters not what state these people are in or whether or not they eat at home or at a restaurant, they are still getting e coli. Our mass produced food is so messed up, there is no fixing it. If people can, they need to attempt to buy ‘local’ whenever they can because mass food production is nothing more than a business and businesses do not care about the effect their products have on people. It is ALL about the bottom line and they will cut corners every way they can and that is what they are doing. And people refuse to cook their meat until it is well done. Everyone wants their meat damn near raw. They want to see ‘pink’ on the inside and when they do, that means that the meat is not done yet and e coli is coming for their ass.

    As bad as the situation is at slaughterhouses, you would think that more people would refrain from eating meat. It would certainly put me off. Oh well, some just refuse to ‘live and learn’.


    • I suspect the people sickened by e coli get put off eating meat – at least if they don’t die from it. It’s a pity the mainstream media is so fucked up – when I was young, they used to carry public service announcements on TV about stuff that was dangerous to your health. In fact, that was a requirement to hold a broadcast license. Then everything became so corporatized it was like the 19th century again when everything was “buyer beware” and “never give a sucker and even break.”

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