The economics of extinction: a reason for rebellion

Governments around the world need to develop climate-smart monetary and investment policies. Such bold policies must involve a scaling down of our non-reserve banking system and an increase in government’s issuance of electronic money instead of bonds (aka Sovereign Money, aka Overt Monetary Financing).

3 thoughts on “The economics of extinction: a reason for rebellion

  1. Climate change is probably somewhat radionuclide induced because the russians , americans, english other europeans have dumped 100s of tons of high level radioactive waste into the arctic ocean for years. A currnet from fukushima goes by there as well. Temperatures in the arctic have been 30 and 40 degrees higher than ever recorded all winter and spring. The permafrost is gone. The glaciers are melting faster than they predicted.

    Kate Brown has a powerful, ojective analysis and examination of Chernobyl. This is an oped she just published in the guardian

    Before expanding nuclear power to combat climate change, we need answers to the global health effects of radioactivity
    Chernobyl’s disastrous cover-up is a warning for the next nuclear age
    Kate Brown

    Scientists talk about the annihilation of the microbial environment, that does the break down of dead flora and fauna in the forest surrounding pripyat. Leaves that are on the ground do not decay because there are no microbes to break them down.

    Geez i wonder if the fungus is thriving because all of its mirobial competition has been wiped out by radionuclides

    As Dr Brown and Dr Caldicott point out, that sellafield was worse than Chernobyl. They have detonated 2000 bombs on us too. There are millions of tons of radionuclide waste in the environment that did not exist before.
    Now there is fukushima and donald trump.
    If we do not do something soon it will be an excruciating extinction event for life on earth from the most mutagenic, teratogenic, toxic, carcinogenic, substances in the world.


    • The nuclear countries have dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of high level nuclear waste in the arctic sorry. I have an advanced Toxicology degree now. I was once a radiopharmacist. We mixed nanogram amounts of things like iodine131 and cesium137 and there was heat coming off them. Decay heat. We have all been lied to so much and so long about nuclear dr bramhall


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