New Zealand fascist killer had known Australian far-right links By Mike Head

Certainly there are close relations between far-right groups and state agencies across Europe. In his manifesto, Tarrant boasted that fascist groups are deeply integrated into the state apparatus, the military and the police. He estimated that “hundreds of thousands” of European soldiers and police belong to “nationalist groups.”

The New Dark Age

28 March 2019 — WSWS

Substantial evidence has emerged in recent days that Brenton Tarrant, the 28-year-old Australian who gunned down 50 people in a premeditated attack on two mosques in New Zealand on March 15, had intensive links with far-right groups in Australia.

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5 thoughts on “New Zealand fascist killer had known Australian far-right links By Mike Head

  1. “. . . the mounting evidence indicates that the state agencies either turned a blind eye to the violent activities and plans of Tarrant and other fascists, or wilfully ignored them.”
    This is something to become extremely upset about.


    • Local activists have had that suspicion since the get go, Aunty. NZ intelligence mainly spies on Maoris, Muslims and environmental activists – not far right activists. We got documents through the Official Information Act revealing they hired a security contractor (Thompson and Clark) to spy on Greenpeace and a local group I belong to called Climate Justice Taranaki.


  2. If you can get actual videos of the occurrence, note the similarity to a video game. “Weapon” that appears to be a toy firing through a windshield that does not break, … Videos of the practice of the “massacre.” There’s is more, much more. The Globalists are in panic mode as they try to disarm the world. We are far safer in a world where we have many peaceful neighbors with guns than in a world where only Mao’s, Stalin’s, Pol Pots, so nd Hitler’s have guns. By the way, there was a additional motive: to divide society, create conflicts and chaos out of which to build an order of the liking of a few Globalist tyrants.


    • I saw it and still believe that Israel, declared a sovereign nation by the United Nations more than seventy years ago, has every right to exist and defend itself. To do that, it takes steps to prevent followers of the Qur’an from attacking that nation with Western values and eradicating it. If you would like, I could present evidence to prove the case, but I have to show the absurdity of the charges of “massacre.” A reasonably careful look at the banned video will show that no one was shot, not even wounded! No bullet holes in the wall, no blood there either. Why did the PM forbid viewing the video? And Mossad is blamed for an event that didn’t even take place. That says volumes about the power-mad struggling for a world tyranny that will exceed all the ambitions and murders of past tyrants.


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