False Confessions: How Police Pressure Innocent People to Confess

False Confessions: How Innocent People Confess to Crime in the US

Al Jazeera (2019)

Film Review

This documentary is about powerful psychological techniques American cops use to pressure innocent suspects into making false confessions. It also interviews public interest attorneys who take on the arduous work of legally exonerating prisoners whose convictions result from false confessions. More than 25% of all wrongful convictions that are overturned are based on false confessions.

One of the most common tactics American police use to extract false confessions is to lie to suspects – usually by claiming evidence that conclusively establishes their guilt. In most countries, it’s illegal to lie to suspects in this way.

The documentary examines three convictions based on false confessions that have been successfully overturned. One, the infamous Central Part 5 case (see See Central Park 5: A Classic Case of Racist Law Enforcement ), was only overturned when the real perpetrator stepped forward and claimed responsibiliy. The oldest suspect in the Central Park 5 case spent 13 years in adult prison (including four years in solitary confinement) before he being proven innocent.

The documentary can’t be embedded for copyright reasons but can be viewed friend until April 10 at the Al Jazeera website: False Confessions


6 thoughts on “False Confessions: How Police Pressure Innocent People to Confess

  1. The US values freedom for rich people of the dominant ethnic group, while being an authoritarian police state for everyone else . The us now has millions of its ownn homeless people and young people do not make enough to pay rent have little hope.

    As I write there is an old beat up nuclear reactor on a flooding river, that could be flooded, blowup and release thousands of tons of high level nuclear waste into the area, from its used fuel pools.
    The government allows crooks to defraud the economy and make people bankrupt and homeless with no hope. They jail innocents. Jail poor people and kids for victimless and petty crimes with obscene, sadistic sentences long term incarceration-privatized probation, parole and private prisons. No way for them to get out of that system ruined for life. Thrity years in prison for drugs or petty theft. American white Christian-fascist, Taliban. . No medical care. Die innocent imprisoned. Jail the innocent. Execute the, innocent disproportionately black and native American to this day. Open warfare by cops on black people. All for the benefit of the rich and the military. The citizens be damned
    The US was built on ethnic cleansing, genocide, land theft ,slave labour imperialism, and land theft. Slave labor includes forced prison labor for a dollar day with 3.5 million in prison and jail. Genocide OF INDIGINOUS is what Trump Bolsanoro are doing. What Elliott Abrams and evanelical Christians did in El Salvadore, Guatemala, Honduras. What Hillary Clinton did in Libya and Ukraine. What Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer Feinstein want to do in Venezuela. What they all do in Scaudi Arabia, Yemen Israel and Palestine. Its evil

    Land theft of national parks by oil companies and Uranium Companies. Imperialism in Venezuela Brazil, Honduras, Columbia, Iraq continues. to be key be to its foreign policy and military focus along with threatening the shit out of the world with tactical and first strike weapons. The evil empire.

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  2. Not to mention they beat the shit out of suspects until they would confess to anything just to get the beatings and the torture to stop. Nothing these vicious, debased creatures do over here is news to me! Unfortunately, I live here and so I know, first hand what these depraved thugs in uniform are capable of.


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