Press release: Taranaki Hydrogen roadmap smoke and mirrors

And in this case the smoke is being pounded up our back passage.

Climate Justice Taranaki

NYTimes What is climate change cartoon 2015

Climate Justice Taranaki questions the environmental and economic arguments for the Taranaki Hydrogen Roadmap released on Friday.

“The roadmap is full of fanciful ideas and technologies that are unproven and still at the experimental or development stages. They are fine if we have lots of time, but we are in a climate emergency. With just 12 years left to turn things around, we need to act fast by upscaling proven renewable energy technologies, and investing in energy conservation and resilience,” said Catherine Cheung, spokesperson for Climate Justice Taranaki.

“We agree that there may be a niche role for green hydrogen – hydrogen produced by water electrolysis with renewable energy – in fueling long-haul, heavy transport to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions from this sector. But the heavy emphasis given to the production of ammonia, urea and methanol, whether using green or blue hydrogen, is a worry,” said Cheung.

Blue hydrogen…

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7 thoughts on “Press release: Taranaki Hydrogen roadmap smoke and mirrors

  1. Nitrous oxide? Did I just read nitrous oxide? At one time, the material of choice for stressed medical students needing to save money for school by avoiding tavern expenditures. And for patients of dentists in recent times. My dentist gave it to me several times, but I never inhaled. I just read the 394 more words and learned that if one spread urea on the ground, one would create nitrous oxide. What world, fowl l laughing hysterically in the air and the bovine and bovine heaving with guffaws on the earth. We must laugh while we can, only twelve years to live.


  2. More bullshit like fusion . zfusion would generate neutrons gamma rays. Cannot do the process on a commercial scale without generating huge amounts of radioactivity. This creates megatons of nuclear waste, in the forms of tritium and radioactive zirconium. The zirconium needed to contain the nuclear radiation in a commercial, fusion enclosure.

    These asshole never giveup. Any crackpot, fraudulent scheme to make a buck. They will expend more energy from extracting hydrogen, from fossil fuel than they will get out of they hyrdroen they make. Fracking dirty oil shut to make hydrogen. Now I have heard it all ! Their are far more plentiful and, cheap sources of hydrogen. Solar power is now 40 percent efficient. Wind power wave port. Such assholes.
    Always thinking big!
    Big in terms of the scale of their fraud, the number of people they will fleece, and the damage they will do.


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