New Zealand Mosque Shooting Suspect Brenton Tarrant Flashes White Power Sign in Court

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the symbol Tarrant used was adopted by white nationalists and neo-Nazis “to signal their presence to the like-minded, as well as to identify potentially sympathetic recruits among young trolling artists flashing it.”


ec3600b4-4778-11e9-b5dc-9921d5eb8a6d_image_hires_083810He made his first appearance since the massacres.

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand—The self-described racist who allegedly carried out massacres in two mosques flashed a white power sign during his first court appearance.

Photos from the brief proceeding showed Brenton Harrison Tarrant, flanked by police, using his shackled hand to make an “OK” symbol that has been appropriated by white supremacists and is also used by right-wing internet trolls.

The 28-year-old Australian personal trainer is charged with one count of murder in connection with the back-to-back mass shootings that left 49 people death and dozens more wounded—but authorities said more charges will be coming. His court-appointed attorney did not apply for bail, and he will be jailed until his next appearance on April 5.

The public was not allowed into the courtroom, which was packed with media. Tarrant wordlessly swayed in the dock, looking back and forth from the gallery to the…

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24 thoughts on “New Zealand Mosque Shooting Suspect Brenton Tarrant Flashes White Power Sign in Court

  1. From the article:

    “He began purchasing guns in December 2018, officials said, and allegedly used five legally purchased guns: two semi-automatic weapons, two shotguns and a lever-action firearm.”

    How is it even possible that he managed to amass a shitload of weapons when I am sure that the Maoris are not allowed to own weapons? But enter the neo-Nazi and there is just no problem with his ability to own weapons. And what is up with so many folks from different countries sitting all up in New Zealand? Many of those people who were murdered were not even natural born citizens of New Zealand. It seems that as long as your skin color is a certain seriously ‘white’ tone, that is ALL that is needed for your entrance into New Zealand, hence the reason why just recently an Irish family was wreaking havoc in New Zealand to the point where many folks over there wanted them gone and yet, it is my understanding that they were not made to leave and only left at their vacation’s end. Let me try and take my Black ass over there and I’d get tossed out so fast, my head would be spinning. And people wonder why I can’t keep a civil tongue in my head? Again, this would be why! My heart only goes out to any Maoris that may have been murdered, although I highly doubt there is a significant Maori Muslim population.

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  2. Oh Shelby, all I can says is a am so fucking sick of being lied to. We are being lied to about where this bastard got his weapons – automatic weapons are extremely hard to get in NZ unless you’re connected with the military or the police armed defenders squad. And as Paul Buchanan points out in my other post on this topic, you can’t modify a hunting rifle to make it into a semi-automatic unless someone with military training helps you. The islands we live on here are very isolated down here in the South Pacific so weapons smuggling is impossible unless NZ Customs or someone with military connections helps you.

    And the NZ police are as racist as – everybody knows this as well. They think nothing of beating up Maori on a traffic stop – this is why we don’t want them carrying guns (they’re required by law to keep them in the trunk of their patrol cars) or for sure they would shoot them just like US police shoot Blacks.

    It’s also fairly well known that NZ police have close ties with white supremacist motorcycle gangs. And the way Maori are treated in Christchurch (one of the most racist places in NZ) is abominable. I spoke to a Maori man this morning from Christchurch who had his house painted with swastikas and death threats for making a complaint to Christchurch city council. Like Buchanan says in my other post, this shit has been going on for 20 years in Christchurch and the racist police stand by and do nothing. Thus far Buchanan is the only one with the cojones to come out and say it on national media.

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    • Great commentary Dr bramhall. It is the way it is in the us too. The alliance of biker gangs and cops and racist groups. Very sick shit. I can tell how much that shooting in nz effects u. Sorry for the families of the victims, u, and the people of news Zealand. Trump is not making and substantive statements condemning it as usual. Trump brags that the cops, the nazibikers are behind him and will do violence if anyone even tries to impeach him
      Unfortunately this has happened 100s of times in America now. People associated with racist bullshit, massacring school children , black people in Christian churches, Moslems. It fuking evil

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  4. The shock of everyone is that this happened in the New zealand. I think the world public opinion is wanted to be accustomed to the idea that it can be everywhere, even if it happens in New Zealand.

    My opinion is, Dr. Bramhall, background of the event there is CIA. If there is CIA behind ISIS and other radical Islamic jihadists, there is also the CIA behind the white racist pro-Nazi organizations, as same as in Ukraine or Poland. The important point here is to find out the background connections of this person, ie to create an organizational chart. As a result, it is understood that this is a long-planned action from the media. It’s not a stand-alone action.

    Since yesterday, I have been observing on social media, especially the people who live in the countries where muslim population is densely, are angry of media which calls this person a shooter, not a terrorist. I think this is a teror act. You know, I am saying this as an atheist extraterrestrial.;)

    Dr. Bramhall, I am wondering in New Zealand, will he be judged as a terrorist, or with the accusation of mass murderer? If he is judged as a terrorist, New Zealand will score elegant to the CIA and others’ goal posts.:)

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    • Thanks for commenting migarium. There is no question in my mind that NZ police are directly involved in right wing white supremacist activities and this is the main reason right wingers aren’t monitored nearly as closely as Maori and Muslims are in this country.

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      • And the reason they are calling Tarrant a “shooter” and not a “terrorist” is because of the Uruwera 4 case I mention below. NZ’s anti-terrorism law was found to be unconstitutional by the NZ Supreme Court due to some extremely questionable police conduct.

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        • Thank you for your all detailed comments, Dr. Bramhall! I was thinking always about NZ is in the nearest line to be civilized that humans could reach, and also it’s population is consist with the people like you, or people in your reflection. (WD was thinking NZ is a country where elves and hobbits live in.:)) But with this terror event and the emerging facts made me think. I guess there is not a single country on this planet where fascism does not exist. There are only countries where fascism is more or less. I want to go and live with penguins in Antarctica anymore. 🙂


  5. A tragic event. But one that is not easily or readily parsed.

    It will take time for all the elements of this outrageous action to fully emerge, that is, if it ever does, in terms of whether it was, so to speak, an independent action or something akin to a ‘security operation.’

    As for semi-automatic rifles being lawfully accessible in New Zealand, such weapons are indeed accessible. Consequently the use of such a weapon in this instance doesn’t automatically implicate New Zealand’s security complex, nor, of course, does it automatically exclude it.

    In and of itself, it’s not really indicative of anything other than that the gun laws in New Zealand are among those of Western countries that can be described as the most lax.

    It is, in other words, entirely possible for someone in New Zealand, who is intent upon committing the sort of atrocity at hand, to independently acquire the requisite hardware through perfectly legal channels, such as they are.

    One thing that should not be discounted, however, as an important contributing factor to this kind of ‘racially’ or ‘xenophobically’ motivated atrocity, is the increasingly difficult worldwide socio-economic situation weighing upon people who all of their lives have been taught or encouraged to interpret all social experiences and relations in essentially identitarian terms.

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  6. You are correct, Norman, it turns out that semiautomatic weapons are legal here. I was misinformed. I’m still inclined to agree with Paul Buchanan (in my prior post) that the shooter’s skill set and the fact that some of the weapons were modified to make the semi-automatic suggests he was trained by someone with prior military experience.

    I also agree with his observation that the NZ police have totally dropped the ball in terms of monitoring right wing fascist groups. The dreadful treatment the Uruwera 4 received 10 years ago (2 of whom are close comrades of mine) speaks so strongly to this racial bias in law enforcement and security monitoring. See

    Personally I am also really fed up for being spied on by NZ security services and their contractor Clark and Thompson for my campaigning against fracking by foreign oil companies. See

    Why should I and my friends in Greenpeace and Climate Justice Taranaki be monitored so closely when this Tarrant asshole who puts his manifesto all over social media isn’t even on a watch list?

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    • “Why should I and my friends in Greenpeace and Climate Justice Taranaki be monitored so closely when this Tarrant asshole who puts his manifesto all over social media isn’t even on a watch list?”

      Black people in AmeriKKKa have been asking that same question for years too numerous to count. We are now being labeled, “Identity Extremists” for merely displaying a so-called “Black power” symbol and yet so-called “White Nationalists” can display any symbol they like and they get overlooked, that is until they go the fuck off and kill dozens of innocent people. I guess you need to stand on the roadside and hold up a “White Nationalist” symbol alongside your “Stop Climate Change” sign in order not to be targeted for surveillance and monitoring. I am so NOT joking!

      Since Tarrant wasn’t on a “watch list’, that should tell you that what he stands for is acceptable to ALL who monitor our every move. The FBI, the NSA and all the other spy agencies do the same thing over here which is why when racists go the fuck off, then and only then does their racist online shit surface when it was there all along.

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    • Racists exist. Some congregate either in the flesh or virtually.

      Some are formally organized but most aren’t.

      Not all racists/fascists, as extreme as they all are in their views, are on watch lists. Some are. Most aren’t.

      It’s a question of scarce or limited resources, or, if you will, of doing things on the cheap.

      But it also has to do with the fact that most avowed racists/fascists would never act out their fantasies of extermination.

      Some, unfortunately, under certain circumstances, would and do. But on the whole those that do comprise a minority among their lot.

      There is thus this presumption among the agencies of law enforcement (however fascistic (or not) they themselves may be in their sympathies): if despite your public affirmations you’ve never engaged in anything illegal, what are the odds that you ever will? On the other hand, some racists/fascists are deemed more concerning than others given an actual history of criminal acts. That, at least, is the reasoning among the agencies of law and order for putting some on watch lists and others not.

      Apart from all that, not all acts of mass murder are establishment plots though some undoubtedly have been and are. If that’s the case, all such acts, whether by individuals acting alone or committed as false flags, need to be explained, for they are all really of a single kind.

      Racism is not a ruling establishment invention, but something that very much is an outgrowth of capitalist society, that is to say, of a classed based society premised upon the exploitation of man by man, more of an affliction than an invention, as much of a scourge upon the upper classes as upon the lower ones.

      Societies that subjugate groups of people in the service of others cannot but spawn supremacist ideologies, mindsets that classify people into superordinate and subordinate categories, cultures that are implicitly or explicitly susceptible to racializing relations, or, indeed, to all other conceivable and actual modes of antagonistic or oppressive discriminations.

      Social structure, which is less the product of intent than of historical contingency, has profound psychological effects, in that it structures or conditions people’s modes of perceptions and behaviors, how people perceive themselves in relation to and act toward ‘others.’

      A tragic and repugnant peculiarity of capitalist society is its ineluctable susceptibility to modes of discrimination and oppression that cannot but result in the production of competing ‘identities’ of dominance and subordination.

      Gender is one example of such a locus of ‘identity’ and experience; race is another, as is ethnicity or language or religion, and so on, all of which are intermingled and comprise overlapping social divisions.

      In other words, the disease at hand of which Tarrant is a manifestation is a product of an essential aspect of the society in which we live, a society that at bottom is divided along class lines, and this basic or essential characteristic of capitalist society can and does, and, indeed, cannot but manifests in a variety of guises, refracted as it is in the cross-cutting cleavages of race, politics, religion, ethnicity, gender, or other social characteristics that can and do congeal into elements of social identity, be they assumed or imposed.

      The practice of exploitation on a mass scale breeds widespread attitudinal contempt, and broad-based contempt ultimately will breed dispositions to violence, whatever the framing of that contempt, whether nationalist or racist or whatever terms.

      Tarrant is an asshole, yes. But he became an asshole because capitalist society is a hotbed of discrimination and oppression, all assholes being but individual instances of what inevitably must spontaneously grow out of that particular manure.

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  7. Thank you, Shelby. It feels good when someone gets what you’re saying. The NZ police are so heavily into this white power thing, but it never gets the attention here that it gets in the US. If the NZ police weren’t supporting it, it wouldn’t happen.

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