Venezuela – Guaidó Planned To Use Arms – Frustration Over Stalemate Sets In

The abject British publication The Economist, long a mouthpiece for the Transatlantic ruling class, and beloved by snobs, has already signed off on Guaidó as the coup’s main Trojan Horse.

New reports about the U.S. coup attempt in Venezuela describe the current mood in Washington as ‘frustration’. They also shine new light on why of the opposition’s plans failed.

When the U.S. set out for the failed ‘humanitarian aid’ stunt at the border between Colombia and Venezuela an important role was given to its puppet, the self-declared ‘president’ Juan Guaidó. It was his task to bring the aid across the border.

The New York Times reported at that time:

[One] option, pushed by those looking for a more direct confrontation with Mr. Maduro, would have activists encircle an aid truck in Colombia as it slowly makes its approach to Venezuela. Under this plan, protesters from Venezuela would overrun soldiers stationed on the Venezuelan side and allow the aid to move in, possibly using a forklift to push aside the containers blocking the bridge.In Curacao, opposition officials were buoyed by the willingness of the country’s foreign minister to stage aid along a sea corridor long used by Venezuelan migrants to flee the country. But in recent days, plans appeared to be falling apart as politicians in Curacao objected to the use of the aid as a political weapon.

Additionally the opposition planned to receive the ‘aid’ on the Venezuelan side:

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido plans to head to the Colombian border in a convoy of vehicles on Thursday to receive humanitarian aid for his crisis-stricken nation, despite the objection of increasingly isolated President Nicolas Maduro.

He will undertake the 800-kilometer (497-mile) road trip from Caracas in the company of some 80 lawmakers from the opposition-controlled congress, which he leads, opposition legislators said.

“Through this call for humanitarian aid, the population will benefit from the arrival of these goods to the Venezuelan border,” said opposition legislator Edgar Zambrano, as he waited in a plaza of eastern Caracas with other lawmakers to board buses.

While Guaidó traveled to Colombia, the convoy from Caracas to the border never materialized. The attempt by a few stone-throwing thugs to move two trucks with ‘aid’ across a bridge failed when the Venezuelan National Guard simply blocked them. Riots ensued and the thugs used Molotov cocktails to set the trucks on fire.

The whole stunt comically failed. But until today it was unclear why the issue was managed so badly.

Now Bloomberg reports that the real plan was quite different:

Late last month, as U.S. officials joined Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido near a bridge in Colombia to send desperately needed aid to the masses and challenge the rule of Nicolas Maduro, some 200 exiled soldiers were checking their weapons and planning to clear the way for the convoy.Led by retired General Cliver Alcala, who has been living in Colombia, they were going to drive back the Venezuelan national guardsmen blocking the aid on the other side. The plan was stopped by the Colombian government, which learned of it late and feared violent clashes at a highly public event it promised would be peaceful.

Alcalá, the retired general, did acknowledge the plan to escort the aid across the border and said he understands why the Colombians wanted to avoid trouble.

It seems that the politicians in Bogotá did not object “to the use of the aid as a political weapon” as the NYT reported, but got cold feet over the plan, initially kept secret to them,  to cross the border by military force. It would have been an overtly hostile aggression against its neighbor country, something that Colombia is very keen to avoid [. . .]

Source: Venezuela – Guaidó Planned To Use Arms – Frustration Over Stalemate Sets In

4 thoughts on “Venezuela – Guaidó Planned To Use Arms – Frustration Over Stalemate Sets In

  1. There are Currently 5.3 Columbian refugees in Venezuela. There are the oppressed indigenous who helped elect Madurai. Millions of them. Venezuela is doing well in spite of the lies. Huge international shopping malls W her the rich, middle class, and working class shop. It is pure diarrhea bullshit in the western media.

    You want to know what will happen in Venezuela if the Psychopathic Monsters invade look at what happened in Guatemala, Honduras Columbia Libya

    There will 10 millions refugees from Venzuela if Fuko attacks Venezuela worse than Guatemala, Honduras,el Salvador combined

    Colombia’s War of Neoliberal Economics
    Despite the 2016 peace accords in Colombia, conflict and violence continue due to the U.S.-supported neoliberal economic model. In order to imagine peace, we must imagine a new model of reparations and justice.

    March 7, 2019
    Chelsey Dyer
    A view of Port Buenaventura. In May 2017, Buenaventura residents held a 22-day civic strike to protest ongoing investment in the port instead of investing in local residents (Photo by Chelsey Dyer).

    Colombia today has the highest number of recorded assassinations of human rights defenders in the world. In the first 15 days of January 2019 alone, nine social leaders were murdered. These alarming statistics make it clear that peace has not come to Colombia, despite the signing of its historic peace accords with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 2016. It is also clear why: the peace accords did not alter the country’s neoliberal economic model, which was a key driver of the conditions that led to the 50-year conflict.

    As many Colombian activists predicted, the same neoliberal economic conditions that created insecurity before the accords were signed continue to exist today and contribute to violence, displacement, and economic insecurity, particularly for Afro-Colombians, Indigenous peoples, and campesino communities. While neoliberalism is national policy in Colombia, it is also one upheld by Colombia’s foreign allies, including the United States. And, unlike the story President Duque may tell, U.S. policies have not contributed to liberation in Colombia or the rest of Latin America. Instead, they have exacerbated economic insecurity and violence.

    Neoliberal Turn in Colombia and Plan Colombia

    In the 1990s, Colombia began to embrace neoliberal economics, and the government made its land available to more multi-national businesses. At the same time, after decades of Indigenous and Afro-Colombian organizing, the government enacted a new constitution in 1991 and Law 70, which recognized Indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities as distinct ethnic groups with the right to land titles. However, these initiatives were contradictory, because these communities’ ancestral territory is frequently located on the same resource rich land that multi-national businesses wish to possess. This dynamic continues to play out today—as communities vie for land titles to maintain control over their territory, they face pressure from armed actors and big businesses who seek to use the land to implement extractivist projects, construct industry, or run drugs. Oftentimes, these actors use violence, threats, or assassinations in order to frighten and silence their opposition, such as community leaders at the forefront of campaigns to prevent displacement.

    Today’s rise in activist killings cannot be disentangled from the original imposition of neoliberal economics and the shock doctrine tactics of Plan Colombia—a multi-billion dollar U.S. aid package framed first through the veneer of the war on drugs, and then as a war on terror against the FARC. The fragmentation of social movements and classes wrought by paramilitary, guerrilla, and state violence in the 1990s strengthened by U.S. military training and funding allowed neoliberal doctrine to enter into Colombia largely uncontested. As this system continues to operate, social leaders in Colombia are being systematically killed and displacements continue, with at least 1,300 people already displaced this year.

    A War By Many Means

    431 social leaders were murdered between January 2016 and December 2018. A recent report released by the Colombian Commission of Jurists demonstrated that these murders are systematic, frequently target members of JACor those who are protecting their territory, and are linked to a drive to silence community activism. The killing of Maritza Quiroz Leiva on January 6 exemplifies this pattern. She was leader of the Victims Committee in Santa Marta and an active advocate against forced displacement, who was gunned down in her home. Years previously, her husband was killed after they recovered land from which they had been forcibly displaced. Quiroz Leiva was the sixth social leader killed this year.

    Many argue that incidents of violence in Colombia like the killing of Marista Quiroz Leiva are a result of the vacuum of power left by the FARC and the subsequent rivalries between different armed groups that are now vying for power and control in these areas. While this is certainly true to some extent, it is only part of the picture. This theory fails to address the capitalist motivations that underlie these groups’ quest for territorial control and those who are victimized by it.

    As geographer Ulrich Oslender has written, “the state and paramilitary forces act at the service of national and transnational capital.” Oslender, who focuses on mass displacement, argues that such violence is not the result of capitalism, but rather a tactic of those in power in the global capitalist system. In fomenting violence and creating economic and physical insecurity for local residents, businesses can more easily usurp territory. Similarly, activist killings are not a result of capitalism, but a tactic of it. Repression and assassinations are part of a strategy of sowing fear to silence social leaders, unravel the social fabric, and thus eliminate or strain social movements that counter the reigning economic model. This is not simply an economic model—it is a form of neocolonialism that sows social unrest in order to generate profit.

    Emilsen Manyoma, an activist murdered two years ago (Photo courtesy of Chelsey Dyer).

    Covert Neocolonial Control

    The media generally characterizes violence in Colombia as fragmented instances—a community was displaced, a protest erupted, an activist was murdered. These individually highlighted events create an international image of internal insecurity caused by a government’s own ineptitude or the violence of illegal armed actors, eliding the historical and current role of neocolonialism and foreign economic intervention. In reality, these instances are all interconnected into an overarching framework of power—that Afro-descendant and Indigenous activists have been fighting against for centuries. In fact, looking at different instances of U.S. influence in Colombia tracks a clear pattern of neocolonial control and its connection to the assassinations of activists.

    In May 2017, Buenaventura residents held a 22-day civic strike to protest ongoing investment in its port instead of investing in local residents. In an impressive show of organizational capacity, Afro-Colombian and Indigenous communities and organizations united to shut down the city, blocking the port and flooding the streets. Residents demanded resources to invest in building a local hospital, more economic opportunities, and potable water. The strike, however, faced brutal repression. Colombian Mobile Anti-riot forces (ESMAD) used U.S.-made tear gas and rubber bullets indiscriminately on the population to break up protests. U.S. weapons were used to suppress and control a manifestation that threatened the reigning socio-economic ideology.

    Activist repression is another tool used to try and silence counter-narratives and strain social movements. When the reigning political class fails to silence dissent through repression, their tactics can intensify into assassinations threats and attempts. In fact, a year after the strike, Temístocles Machado, a well-known leader of the civic strike, was assassinated. Others who were involved also continue to face ongoing threats. Both psychological and physical violence has followed organizers in Buenaventura. Community leaders did, however, eventually come to an agreement to create an autonomous fund to invest back into the city to improve infrastructure, healthcare, and education, and today continue to meet with government officials to ensure that the accord is properly implemented.

    In spite of small steps forward, U.S. policy is still exerting influence on Colombia. Under U.S. pressure, President Duque is advancing a return to aerial fumigation—despite its violation of the 2016 Peace Accords, ongoing denunciations from civil society, and well-documented health risks. This is also connected to a strategy of repression aimed at maintaining and expanding economic control, because the dangerous spraying of chemicals displaces residents who live on resource-rich land, allowing illegal and legal businesses to move in. Colombia already has the highest internally displaced population in the world and research has demonstrated that aerial fumigation causes significant displacement. If the U.S. and Colombian governments were interested in decreasing coca crop farming they would invest more in substitution models, address the socioeconomic causes that necessitate people to grow coca, and protect activists as their work is striving to build sustainable socioeconomic futures. Instead, we see advocates for crop substitution among those who are being assassinated—activists such as Dilio Corpus Guetio, a campesino leader in Cauca who was on a local committee that verified the substitution of illicit crops. He was murdered January 29, 2019, shot while riding his motorcycle to work.

    Though official reports may not detail the reasons for their assassinations, to other activists and social leaders it is clear that Corpus Guetio was killed because of his work, which threatened to disrupt illicit and licit resource and drug economies in the area. We see this pattern of intimidation, threats, and assassination across Latin America against activists working to protect the environment, land, and basic human rights—and we continue to see this in Colombia during a time in which “peace” has supposedly arrived.

    Chelsey Dyer


  2. America is in a Housing depression. Now the monsters want to invade another innocent Latin country and unleash waves of millions of refugees to the north where there are 20 million homeless people and and the largest msss surveillance police state in history with 3.5 million imprisoned slaves. That includes refugee and refugee children already here from other Latin American incursions.

    Collectivism for the multi-Millionaires, Billionaires and Politicians involves Keeping the Economy Growing at any expense. That is The Mission of the United States, nuclear-empire at home and, in the world.

    If it means raping, pillaging and destroying an oil rich country with a democratically elected govt for their oil, and killing as many of the brown indigenous people there, as possible, so much the better.

    Most , if not all the Mega millionaires and billionaires in America have gotten rich off the government, at our expense as taxpayers.

    Never ceases to amaze, the numbers of Billionaires, who got billions courtesy of US Government giving their companies exclusive rights to the technology developed at Taxpayers expense. Think ultraright fascist tax-dodger Peter Thiel who funded Bolsonaro. Corporations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon steal tech and pay little or no taxes, they then leverage lucrative govt. Contracts with their power. Geeks like Ollie Curme get sweatheart USA government contracts while they pillage america and screw disadvantaged people and vets. The US pays people like Eric Prince and Sergi Brim and others keep a lid on dissent.

    Bill gates amassed his billions by shady monopoly practices, backdoor rigged-voting machines. He got sweetheart deals with the govt. He Dodges taxes . Bill Gates doesn’t pay property taxes, on his 150 million compound in Seattle.
    He import tens of thousands of east Indians with 3rd tier education certificates , on H1b visas annually. Nevermind that it undercuts young American college graduates with expensive college degrees , that are thousands in debt from student loans.

    Seattle is where there are 60 thousand or more homeless people. Where the RV’s and vans that line the roads, are many peoples homes. Where there are numerous tent cities. Children are picked up from tent cities, to be taken to school.
    Bill Gates has 8 billion invested in a crooked nuclear waste scheme called Republic, that involves the ongoing nuclear catastrophe of the St Louis Landfill . The St Louis Landfill is full of nuclear waste and burning.

    Bill gates wants the taxpayers to finance his billion dollar salt-cooled minibreeder reactor scheme
    Warren Buffett made a great deal of his billions, investing in the American and Israeli military industrial complexes and, fat domestic military security corporations from Israel in the United States. Industries that have evolved in both countries, since 911.

    The bloody American Nuclear-empire has already couped Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and Ecuador, Ukraine, bombed Libya and Iraq into oblivion. They are working on Nicaragua, Bolivia, Venezuela .

    Look at the creep, Elliot Abrams who helped cover-up 911. He also helped Poindexter set up the mass-warrantless-surveillance Panopticon in the USA, that has only gotten larger with time. The TIA was secretly written into the Patriot Act. We know that it exists from Snowden.

    Elliot Abrams massacred 900 women and children in El Salvador in the eighties. He is now Fukos special envoy to Venezuela.

    The evil monkey-psychopaths are rolling out 5G in America at this very moment . It is so they can have an enhanced Panopticon . They are frying everyone and all creatures with massively concentrated, clouds of microwave radiation, for the love of the Greed and The power they get.

    The thirst for blood-greed-power of these evil monkey psychopath-bastards, knows no bounds.

    How much time is left? I would wager not as much time, as many wish there would be.

    80 percent of the insects gone. A whole species of mammals, recently extinct in Australia. 200 species of flora and fauna going extinct daily now.

    IT IS ALL FOR THE BACK-BREAKING COLLECTIVIST-subsidization of the few oligarchs and the continuance of the insane-nuclear-empire.
    Richard Branson one of the worst Resource Gulpers and Hippocrits, in the world, has jumped on the Rape and Pillage Venezuela bandwagon. It is fascism.

    Fuko and the generals have developed tactical nukes to use in Iran and Venezuela.

    Does any sane person, have any interest in this continueing?

    The psychopaths are now rolling out 5G to enhance their Panopticon . They don’t about the considerably enhanced toxicity of the enhances concentration of microwave density, in the 5G radiation cloud.

    A friend said, people should locate 5G towers on poles in their area and do something about it.

    I mentioned this to My cousin, about the 5g menace and people doing something about it.

    My cousin nervously laughed and gave me a sad , beaten-down look.
    My cousin described the medium sized, former middle-class town she now lives in. There are some jobs but most are contract, with little hope for young people. No opportunities for advancement. Little or no benefits. Stagnant wages.

    The town she lives in, has services cut to the bone for the elderly and poor.
    There are young and old competing for outrageously hi priced slum-ghettos.

    There are ghetto tenaments in flood areas with 3 adults in the same apartment, full of people barely making it. Central american refugees, women and their 3 or 4 little children they brought up, to escape murderous regimes put in place by America’s elite. Poor people and homeless people, have to compete with them for potential housing. Rents are 1000 a month in slum tenaments.

    A town where college degrees do not insure good jobs like they used to. Where teachers who are burnt out on Betty Devoss and Fukos bullshit and, people with masters degrees, work at Wal-Mart or at a big box store in a bigger town up the road .

    A place where the closest city is disintegrating from urban blight and homelessness

    The town she lives in, has tripled the number of cops it employs, since Trump took power.
    In this smaller town, 70 yo homeless people sit on benches at Wal-Mart, with a shopping cart of their possessions every day.
    The homeless will tell u straight up there are 200 or more homeless like them, in this town of 9,500.

    Mostly, the cops stalk young people there, my cousin says. Young people that can barely afford rents. The cops swamp young people for unpaid traffic tickets or petty crimes or drugs. Prison fodder.

    Four or five, thirty-thousand dollar Cop Suvs swarm in on on a car, with one person in it.

    My cousin reiterates, that talking about things like 5G transmitter locations is taboo. It is especially taboo since the patriot act.
    The Dept of Homeland security, Has all the cards. The cops in any town, in America can hijack a cell tower and track a persons communications. Our police are now militarized and work in close affiliation, with Ice and homleand security.
    They have the technology to hijack cell transmitters in any town in th USA and follow any persons texts and communications.

    They could track a person now, for even suggesting identifying a 5g transmitter.
    That’s what America is. A shitty fascist-third world police state, of the lowest common denominator.

    Murica is a dreary ugly-grey dystopian nightmare, for many at least part of the time. A Dogstown where young people feel overwhelmed , stuck and futureless.
    There are the indigenous refugees driven from their homes in Latin America , through military and political coups by fascist coups in places like Bolivia Honduras. Guatemala Brazil where corporations and United States millionaires and the billionaires, destroy resource rich countries for naked extortion and to keep their stock values up. To keep the illusion of economic growth for the Nuclear empire .

    The bipartison duopoly controlled, evil nuclear empire of Hillary Clinton and Fuko The Fascist Bastard clown, will gut Venezuela like they gutted Libya . They will leave a hull of a country as Murica slips deeper into a dystopian grim grey-reality where young people have no hope. Where 80 percent of the people live paycheck to paycheck impoverished and or homeless.
    The top 20 percent millionaires and billionaires that we support, through their collectivist fascism, love it.
    The chemical and radionuclide pollution, making everyone more sick as reactors meltdown and nuke waste is dumped on us, piles-up, and catches fire does not bother them.
    This is America now. Fascist Collectivism for the rich. The nuclear empire, meat-grinder rolls forward. The 5G Panopticon must be maintained at all cost to keep the growing numbers of dispossessed in place. To imprison them in the largest gulag police state in the world, if they are unlucky enough to get trapped, in that machine. A country with 3.5 million prison-slave laborers. The united states of America.

    They are lobbying for 6G in the next few years soon after 5g. The hype, the illusion of growth, the control must go forward at all costs!

    The ongoing 5g madness.
    That much radiation pollution, that is so densely concentrated, onto every square inch and millimeter of the human body will cause cancers, health problems, epigenetic and beyond effects.

    Although not as potent a mutagen, as shorter wave UV and ionizing radiation, the dense clouds of microwave RF radiation will catalyze chemical and biochemical reactions in the body that cause DNA and chromosome damage and, cancer like nuclear radiation does.

    There is enough of it and, sometimes it is concentrated enough, to directly cause cancer based on medical studies.

    Fact is, it will exacerbate the damage already done to the bags of protoplasm and bone that we are because, of all the heavy metals, radionuclides, organic-metal poisons accumulated in our bodies in this age of insanity.


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