Japanese government misleading UN on impact of Fukushima fallout on children, decontamination workers – Greenpeace International

In the exclusion zone in Obori in Namie, average radiation levels were 4.0 μSv per hour. These levels are so high that if a worker would operate there for eight hours per day during a full year, they could receive a dose equivalent to more than a hundred chest X-rays.

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Japanese government misleading UN on impact of Fukushima fallout on children, decontamination workers – Greenpeace International

The report, “On the Frontline of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Workers and Children,” reveals high levels of radiation in both exclusion zones and open areas still exist even after huge decontamination efforts, and documents the extent of the government’s violation of international human rights conventions and guidelines, in particular those for workers and children.

“In areas where some of these decontamination workers are operating, the radiation levels would be considered an emergency if they were inside a nuclear facility,” said Shaun Burnie, Senior Nuclear Specialist of Greenpeace Germany. “These workers have received almost no training in radiation protection, are poorly paid, exposed to high radiation, and risk losing their jobs if they speak out. UN human rights Special Rapporteurs are absolutely right to warn the Japanese government over these risks and violations.”[2]

The main…

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9 thoughts on “Japanese government misleading UN on impact of Fukushima fallout on children, decontamination workers – Greenpeace International

  1. From the article:

    “Worker exploitation is widespread, including recruitment from the disadvantaged and homeless, no effective training in radiation protection, falsification of identification and health certificates, and unreliable official records.”

    Of course the poor and vulnerable would be used because who gives a damn about them? If they die horribly, who cares? Such as this is why I seem to need a rabies shot, daily, since I am usually foaming at the mouth, enraged! As bad as the situation I am dealing with is, I find rage swelling up within me over someone else’s plight. For the love of !!!!!


    • WordPress censored it Dr bramhall. Nothing abusive to U or any posters. They will probably censor this too. Not first time this happened. Happened to friends in Germany and Australia too. Really posses me off. Sorry to accuse u in past


  2. Pisses me off. We live in a massive intelligence and surveillance state controlled by nucleoapes, imperialist warmongers, soldier shitheads and oligarchs


  3. Be careful because WordPress can limit access to your website by any number of digital and more conventional means . they can manipulate the ip address . google can kill yur appearance in search engines


  4. America is very close to a major fukushima nuclear-catastrophe because of the ptb and this administrations, gutting nuclear safety regulations and nuclear waste regulations in the United States..

    There were 50 reactor opened in Japan before fukushima. 40 of the nuclear reactors in Japan were damaged by the 9 earthquake that caused fukushima. 20 of those 40 reactors, that were damaged Sri now reopened. The reactors at fukushima were poorly designed and very old. It does not even take an earthquake or hurricane or tsunami to cause a nuclear reactor to blowup, like at Three Mile, Chernobyl, or Santa Susana. The earthquakes have not let up in Japan. Hi likelihood of another nuclear catastrophe there soon


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