House Unanimously Approves Sanctions on Syrian Reconstruction

This is the same script from Iraq where the US first destroyed water treatment plants then imposed sanctions so they couldn’t be put back online.

Friends of Syria

Unbelievable: Congress to Pass Sanctions Against Syria Reconstruction

The US/al-Qaeda regime-change onslaught failed so now posturing US politicians will do everything they can to make sure Syria goes through the same sanctions hell Iraq did 1990-2003:

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation to impose new sanctions on the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and its allies, and those who do business with them. The move comes a month after President Donald Trump’s announcement to withdraw troops from Syria, and as some Arab governments are thawing relations with the Assad regime, which has all but secured a military victory after nearly eight years of war. The measure has been passed by the House twice in previous sessions, and a companion bill currently remains pending in the Senate.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., reintroduced the standalone version of the Syria bill, H.R. 31, which passed under fast-track…

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15 thoughts on “House Unanimously Approves Sanctions on Syrian Reconstruction

  1. Bomb counties into oblivian
    Latin coups to send refugees sprawling to USA so trump can kidnap their children and raise them in concentration camps

    20 million or more homeless in Murica

    Watch “Homeless Black American abandon by United States” on YouTube

    Watch “Possibly the most unique homeless story I have ever come across.” on YouTube

    Watch “Atlanta homeless woman is dying under this bridge.” on YouTube

    They steal everything

    Disabled college degree

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  2. WTF? Even Tulsi Gabbard who went to Syria to meet with Assad? See. This is why I hate the Democratic Party. They dont have any backbone. Shes the only Dem I would have considered making an effort to vote for. Now. Eh. I was already looking at her sideways when Congress voted unanimously to sanction Russia for the Russiagate fiction. WTF is wrong with these people?

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