Union Chief Calls for General Strike if Trump Shuts Down Government

International Association of Flight Attendants calls for general strike.

AGR Free Press

Union Chief Calls for General Strike if Trump Shuts Down Government on Saturday

“If the shutdown continues, we call on all Americans to join us on February 16th at our nation’s airports to show what workers united can achieve,” the general strike site states. “Together, we have the power to end this nightmare for millions of Americans and demand a government that works for all of us.”

Efforts to resolve the core dispute of the shutdown have not been fruitful. In negotiations over border security, Democrats asked that the number of people detained at the border in conditions that have led to 22 immigrant deaths be capped. This made negotiations come to a grinding halt over the weekend.

So the Great Shutdown is on pace to resume at midnight on Saturday, and with it another marked increase in danger in American skies.

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