Al Jazeera Investigates Putin: Power Mad Dictator or Popular Hero?

In Search of Putin’s Russia – Part 1 Kremlin Rules

Al Jazeera (2015)

Film Review

This is the first in a 4-part Al Jazeera series narrated by liberal Russian journalist and filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov. It tries to offer a “balanced” examination of the extent to which civil and political liberties are tolerated and/or suppressed under Putin. The filmmakers avoid drawing firm conclusions, leaving viewers to decide whether Putin is a power mad  dictator as the Western media portrays him. The impression I came away with is that 1) Russian oligarchs, rather than Putin himself, control the levers of power and 2) Russian society is steadily moving towards “populist authoritarianism.” In both respects, it’s remarkably similar to the US.

In Part 1 Nekarsov looks at  the anti-Putin opposition parties and the extent to which the Russian government tolerates their activities. Nekarsov interviews a producer at independent self-supporting Dozhd TV, as well as members of small opposition parties the Social Democratic Party and the PARNAS (People’s Freedom) Party.

The Dozhd TV producer maintains the Russian government allows them totally free expression.

Obviously opposition parties have more limited access to state-run media at election time. Although the government regularly grants them permits to protest, they are limited to areas outside of central Moscow. Surprisingly several anti-Putin members of PARNAS support his policies in Ukraine.

Nekarsov also attends a 2015 appeal hearing by prominent Putin opponent Alexei Navalnya. The latter, along with his brother, was convicted for corruption in 2013. Alexei’s sentence was suspended while his brother remains in jail. Nemtzov learns that the Russian government helps pay the legal cost of individuals in political dispute with state authorities.*

The journalist/filmmaker also participates in an anti-Putin protest following the February 2015 assassination of Duma member and prominent Putin opponent Morris Nemtzov. Views of fellow demonstrators vary on the extent of Putin’s responsibility for Nemtzov’s death. Some carry signs accusing Putin of murder. Others believe he has lost control of his government officials and that powerful oligarchs staged the assassination to embarrass him. Still others blame the Russian government and media for deliberately promoting intolerance.

In 2017, five Chechen separatists were convicted of Nemtzov’s murder. Investigation continues into the person or persons who ordered the murder. See  New York Times

*During Putin’s first two terms as president, he introduced or oversaw the implementation of the rights of habeas corpus and trial by jury, increased rights to exculpatory evidence and other important legal reforms. See Rule of Law Under Putin



7 thoughts on “Al Jazeera Investigates Putin: Power Mad Dictator or Popular Hero?

  1. Interesting that Al Jazeera based in Doha and following orders from Qatar,who have traditionally been enemies of Russia, should pursue this study of Putin in an unbiased way. It might be a worthy watch.


    • Russia is the largest promoter of Nuclear in the world dear. Putin is the head of Rosatom. I love Russia and the people of Russia. I am part Russian. It is too bad that Russia has was left to be turned into a nuclear hucksters by neoliberal, neoconsertive devils American, like Larry Sanders, when the user failed. Russia has many other options than nuclear mohandeer.
      I love America. I am part American. America has many other options than nuclear
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      It is not simply cesium 137 that exists in Japan, from the Fukushima tragedy.
      An absorbed bolus of  80 billionths of a gram of any one of these beta-gamma  radionuclides: 90Sr, 137Cs, 99Tc and 129I , cobalt 60, Iridium-causes acute systemic poisoning and radiation poisoning. The results of an ingestion of bolus, can be either quick death or prolonged agony and death. There will be death, If there is a massive bolus ingested. These are the most poisonous and dangerous substances on earth.

      If  1 ounce of any of these radionuclides- substance : “st90, 137Cs, 99Tc and 129I , cobalt 60, iridium”
      were dumped on a group of people it would be like the cesium 137 exposure in Brazil or worse.
      If  any one of these radionuclides :”90Sr, 137Cs, 99Tc and 129I Iridium, cobalt 60″ was diluted in an inert powder for example, that  diffused the RADIONUCLIDE onto 10,000 people, gathered for a festival or event , 3 quarters of them would die horrible deaths in 2 weeks and, the rest would have tumors and organ damage, that would kill them in a few months.

      Obviously the sailors on board the Ronald Reagan did not get such a dose but, it came close for some of them.

      Radioactivity decreases, with the square of distance with ionizing radiation.

      Chronic ionized radiation-wave exposure is dangerous  but , the high levels of beta-gamma emitters and, other RADIONUCLIDEs present in a grey deal of Japan, do not bode well. The concentrations that exist from Fukushima to Tokyo and on to Yokohama, that have been recorded by Busby and Kaltofen see @marcokaltofen, for details

      Nucleoapes like to keep the eye off the lethal radionuclides, that are actually emitting the radiation and tell you it’s the radiation detected by their Geiger counters, that counts.

      There are also the highly potent alpha emitting, uranic and Transuranic alpha emitters like u235, u238, plutonium, AMERICIUM and actinides like Californium, that are destroying the human genome in Japan. A few micrograms of anyone, of these alpha emitters, in your lungs, will cause lung cancer. Dr Busby proved that in the Los Alamos Dog study.

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      The Uranics, transuranics, actinides, are causing lung cancers, pancreatic cancers and sharp increases in birth defects from mutagenesis,  and teratogenesis across Japan now.

      A great deal of Japan’s water supply is probably  heavily contaminated with tritium by now.  TRITIUM is a strong teratogen, that is known to substantially increase incidence of leukemia. Tritium actually covalently bonds to DNA, protein, fat tissue  and muscle tissue, unlike other radionuclides .

      Tritium acts exactly like hydrogen does in the body . The human body is constantly doing enzyme catalyzed-chemical conversions of amino acids to proteins , using hydrogen and tritium ions in metabolic, acid-base, and other enzyme reactions in the body.

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      Dr Chris Busby

      Einstein, politics, physicists-nuclear physicists, and reality

      The Uranics, transuranics-actinides are not so soluble chemically because, they are heavy metals however, particles of these radionuclides, that do get stuck in the lungs and gi tract are particularly deadly. Many of these radionuclides can be biotransformed or chemically transformed into sulfates and organometallics that are easily absorbed into the body across cell membranes in the gut and lungs.

      Then there are the evil-monkeys, who says that some radionuclides increase our resistance to RADIONUCLIDE exposure and bioccummulation like magic, through casual exposure, like immunization! They call it Hormesis!

      Nucleoapes and their agents will tell you tritium is safe.
      Don’t ya know radioactive tritium does not increase incidence of leukemia, as has been shown in rigorous studies and case studies, its hormetic!

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      3. 220 micrograms of Ricin toxin from castor beans can kill a child

      4. 300 micrograms of fentanyl can kill an adult. Fentanyl analogs are even more potent.

      The Moscow theater hostage crisis (also known as the 2002 Nord-Ost siege) was the seizure of a crowded Dubrovka Theater by 40 to 50 armed Chechens on 23 October 2002 that involved 850 hostages and ended with the death of at least 170 people.
      It is known that the Russians used a fentanyl-like agent to try to sedate the Chechens, who were holding the hostages in the theater. Unfortunately fentanyl is very hard to dose and disperse as an aerosol. A highly toxic agent like Fentanyl, has to be prepared in such a very special way, so that only its sedative effects are manifested.

      Many of the innocent hostages in Nord-Ost, siege died from fentanyl poisoning from the compounded-fentanyl gas, used by the Russians to try to sedate the chechens, before they stormed the theater.

      On the flip side of the coin, Sarin, when aerosolized with a suspending agent that works and diffuses the poison in high enough concentrations, is a deadly nerve gas that will kill thousands, in a few square miles with only a few, weaponized Cannisters, detonated.

      The Tokyo subway sarin attack-Subway Sarin Incident was an act of domestic terrorism perpetrated on 20 March 1995, in Tokyo, Japan, by members of the cult movement Aum Shinrikyo. In five coordinated attacks, the perpetrators released sarin on three lines of the Tokyo Metro (then part of the Tokyo subway) during rush hour, killing 12 people, severely injuring 50 (some of whom later died), and causing temporary vision problems for nearly 1,000 others. The attack was directed against trains passing through Kasumigaseki and Nagatachō, where the Diet (Japanese parliament) is headquartered in Tokyo

      The Aum sarin attack in the Tokyo subways only killed 12 people. They used relatively large amounts of sarin in closed, relatively small areas, with sealed spaces.
      They absolutely did not know what they were doing, otherwise they would have known that high doses of sarin have to be aerosolized in a suspending agent like a gas that is liquid under pressure, to properly disperse enough of the agent for it to be widely, dispersed and effectively lethal to a large group of people.

      Many radionuclides, and especially the Alkali Metal, beta-gamma emittors like st90 and cs137 and halogen gamma emmiters, like I131 and I129, are lethal in billionths of a gram concentrations.
      It even says so in toxicology profiles because, some of these radionuclides are used as radiopharmaceutical agents, to treat cancer.

      Bllionths of a gram, of any substance, is not even visible to the human eye, with a high powered microscope. I have made radiopharmaceutial solutions. The concentrations are calibrated with advanced scintillometers.

      Radionucides are ionizing radiation emitters, as well as being the most poisonous substances in the universe, to living things on earth.
      Billionths of a gram concentrations of these elements are highly detectable with scintillometers, gamma spectrometers, and decent pancake Geiger counters.

      One of the main difficulties with proving how acutely lethal or, chronically damaging RADIONUCLIDE are after nuclear accidents, or with chronic exposure to nuclear waste, are the chaotic mechanisms of
      dispersion of the radionuclides from nuclear waste dumps, after catastrophes, or in-situ.

      Think of the Russian, poisoned with polonium, in London. He was dosed with a nanogram amount of polonium that caused him to die a slow painful death, from systemic organ failure, for which there was no cure. He died days after the poisoning.

      Boluses of cesium 137, and iodine 131 can kill quite quickly or at lower doses, they can kill like the polonium did the murdered Russian, in prolonged agony.

      Who will be there, to prove what caused people dying days, weeks or a month, after a bolus exposure in Japan or by San Onofre if one of their Cannisters breaks open? Who will speakup against radionuclide-causative agents, after years of bioccumuted exposure, when no one is even properly looking


      • Hello Gloria.
        I wanted to make you aware of one or two details you may have overlooked dear.

        When the Climate Change Report was completed 123 scientists who had taken part in researching it refused to sign off on it. One of the main reason they did this, as they explained, was because the consequences to countries such as Africa and any other energy poor countries could well be constrained IF the larger economies adopted the reccommendations. The heavily industrialised countries were the ones who created the problem and to this day, still profit from their irresponsible actions. The scientists who withheld their signatures were right to be concerned, even if their worries were unfounded. The main source of CO2 emmissions is still the US, followed by other countries like the UK.

        The UK is a very small island surrounded by often stormy seas so the obvious response in a bid to reduce our carbon footprint was to use tidal energy. That, however, did not happen. The power company Drax, in Yorkshire had a Bio Mass production supplying 7% of the grid. It bought US dirty lignite coals and tree chippings from US forests and Carbon scrubbers supplied by China. Last year it closed the Bio Mass operation because it was not profitable.

        Given that Britain has no money to pay for public services like NHS funding, schools and Universities, care of the elderly etc.(but can throw millions at bombing the Syrian desert with missiles that cost a million apiece)and that it is not currently being attacked by illegal economic warfare by the US and EU, what exscuse do you think they the UK, US, France and all the other major economies who still fail to meet the CO2 footprint reductions required, might find for their abject disregard for quality of life?

        The British, French, Dutch and Spanish colonialists, to name a few, have done well for themselves profiteering from poorer countries and yet these economies, along with the US have done the least to combat the problems our planet faces,despite their supposed wealth. Why then, should Russia, who is being ravaged by economic warfare from these aforementioned countries, give a rat’s tail about a future they will not have several decades from now, even as they struggle to meet the demands of egregious and hypocritical warfare in this decade?

        The Ice wall being built to control the leaking Fukushima reactor the Japanese are unable to reach even before it is built will need renewing, although the irreperable damage is now done. While so many countries have gotten rich using nuclear, other countries are lining up to have their day in the sun. Now those countries denouncing nuclear are ridding themselves of the blight, they are in no position to throw insult at those still trying to grab any source of energy by which to enrich their beleagred people.

        The scientists were right to withhold their signatures, because they knew that there would be plenty of double standard finger pointing to go round wthout any need for consideration of who is pointing the proverbial finger of accusation at whom. I would call out the US for their trillion dollar foreign policy destroying whole countries and killing thousands NOW while investing the least funds in either their own people or climate control for any forseeable future.The utter contempt shown for the people of Flint is just one example of many, as is the toxic groundwater as a result of fracking elsewhere in both the US( and soon the UK). I’m living in a country whose government will not inform it’s citizens of any deal in support of fracking profiteers likely to be poisoning the water I drink. According to them, such information is above my paygrade. I only live here!

        People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. None of us are doing enough to fend off the inevitable, it’s human nature.I attribute it to the prevelant “I’m OK Jack, pull the ladder up” thinking.

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