6 thoughts on “Everyone’s Missing the Obvious About the Declining U.S. Birth Rate

  1. It is because America is poisoned with chlorocarbons, estrogenic chemicals, phthalates, plastics, fluoride, tetraethyl lead, heavy metals, pesticides and radioactive waste from fracking. Heavy air pollution So many women with uterine fibroids, pcos, endometriosis, cysts. So many men with unviable sperm and low sperm counts. Happening in north hemisphere especially industrialized countrys


  2. Why the fuk does America have to replace its population. Why dont the evil suicidal, and murderous, flawed monkeys stop overpupulating and even populating this planet period. Stop breeding period. It is obviously a flawed creature-thing LIKE THE SSTUPID CUNT THAT WROTE THIS ARTICLE AND THE STUPID CUNT THAT PUBLISHED IT. . The ravenous consumptive-evil monkey things are dead set on destroying the world. It is like a fungal parasite that secretes deadly chemicals that kills all life. Better for the erect monkey things to die off. America is a poisonous shithole . Growthbased Economics is just crap.
    What a stupid, rascist cunt this bitch is. Same for brammhall


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