The Real Goal Of Trump Government Shutdown Appears To Be More Privatization Of Government

From the beginning, Trump has sought to privatize numerous public services.

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The real goal of Trump’s US government shutdown appears to be to get unpaid workers to leave their jobs, and allow him to quickly privatize more government functions, to the benefit of both his foreign and domestic corporate buddies. Additionally, when US government workers get their homes foreclosed upon, his corporate buddies can buy them for cheap, and then rent them for high amounts.

Reagan fired 11,345 air traffic controllers shortly after they went on strike in 1981. Air traffic wasn’t as important then, but it still caused problems for months, afterwards. It also led to the hiring of thousands new, young, air traffic controllers who have reached or passed the retirement age of 56. See: “Aviation system begins to feel stress from the shutdown, union leaders say

It is likely that Trump has in mind this historic firing, and doesn’t know or care that air travel…

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9 thoughts on “The Real Goal Of Trump Government Shutdown Appears To Be More Privatization Of Government

  1. Many thanks for the reblog. So many of the players/operatives are the same as Reagan/Bush years. It even feels exactly like it did in the period that you left, like I have fallen into a time warp, but thirty years older, and even less optimistic. .


  2. As the US slips into fascism it sets up coups, pushes for and financially assists more fascist govts to emerge s america. . i it is happening in the world. People should remember this

    October 2001, weeks after WTC attacks, 5 US citizens were killed by #anthrax. Democrats who voted against Patriot Act were main targets.
    The CIA was involved

    The corruption and insanity continues and the stakes are much higher. Fuko the clown and Perry are deregulating nuclear so they can turn America into the worlds dirtiest hi level nuke waste suppository while Fuko prosecutes the shutdown and continues to tear America apart


  3. “The Real Goal Of Trump Government Shutdown Appears To Be More Privatization Of Government”

    Good! Maybe then, when more than just Black prisoners are a victim of privatization,(For Profit Private Prisons) those not impacted will have something to say about it, but by then, it will be too late. I have said time and time again, that when the shit hit the fan for Black people and whites just looked the other way, that this was going to be visited on their ass. Who do you think make up the majority of those employed by the federal government? Here’s a hint: they’re not Black. Only when everyone’s ass is impacted by something, will everyone get a clue and AGAIN, it will be too late. In fact, it already is and we’ve got white’s apathy and complacency to thank for that, oh….and racism.


    • I am mixed race. I know how black people are mistreated cause I live in the deep South. There are three 70 year old men that sleep behind Wal-Mart here . they say there are a couple hundred more in this shit little town of 8000.
      There are 20 million or more homeless in america now. My nephew is 21. Drives a beater car. Works two crap paying jobs. He and his girlfriend pay a 1000 a month rent in a ghetto tenement in a shit town. It is that way everywhere. Worse in cities. The fascists are consolidating power and cutting off food stamps . when they privatize the post office most will not be able to get mail. They are shutting out subsidized housing. They are putting more people in jail and prison than ever , even w pot liberalization. Most have little or no medical. 3-4 million locked up. In seattle many white kids live homeless in tent cities.. Americans are just brain dead shits shelby


      • Terry, I find it totally deplorable that so many people are allowed to live this way in one of the richest countries in the world. The billionaires who control the levers of America’s so-called democratic government are soul-less sociopaths who have learned absolutely nothing from history.


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