Yellow Vests of Commercy: Embryonic direct democracy begins

Patrice Greanville

As seen in these images, there are signs that the Gilets Jaunes are beginning to coalesce into direct democracy groups—people’s councils, or eventually soviets.

This may lead to the formation of a national network of people’s assemblies which one day in the near future may lead to the creation of a parallel national assembly or a de facto parallel state. If so, this impasse, unless satisfactorily resolved, could lead to civil war, or a prolonged paralysis of French society, as neither side would recognise the other.

This is the possible significance of these early buds of spontaneous democracy. The year 2019 may well turn out to be a turning point for humanity. The people no longer believe in neoliberal “democracy”.—PG

Excerpt from the general meeting of the yellow vests of Commercy (Meuse),

January 9th. On the menu: the election of spokespersons.

Which voting method to use? Nominations, a vote by preference, a draw?

Read our report on the yellow vests of Commercy [. . .]


Source: Yellow Vests of Commercy: Embryonic direct democracy begins

5 thoughts on “Yellow Vests of Commercy: Embryonic direct democracy begins

    • Direct democracy is one thing that gets me really excited, Shelby. I’m fed up with representative democracy – it’s too susceptible to capture by wealthy elites. As concerns most aspects of our lives, I believe communities are totally capable of governing themselves – and should just be allowed to get on with it.

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      • I hear you and I agree! And since that is what the people in the video were up to, then I agree with every word they said. We really don’t have a ‘representative democracy’ because our so-called ‘representatives’ are only out for themselves while throwing us under the bus as they cater to big business. If I can’t tote a briefcase filled with hundred dollar bills to the halls of congress and to the White House, then I can’t ‘buy’ representation and that is a fact!


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