Macron Panics as Yellow Vests Plan to Trigger Bank Run

A well-coordinated financial action has the potential to bring the French banking system – and by extension the euro – to its knees, as banks always hold only a fraction of the funds the country’s citizens have in their accounts.

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Macron panics as Yellow Vest protestors threaten massive bank runFrench President Emmanuel Macron has entered panic mode after Yellow Vest protestors announced plans to trigger a bank run with a nationwide coordinated cash withdrawal. 

By threatening the financial system in France, the anti-globalist protestors hope to force the government to pass their reforms.

“If the banks weaken, the state weakens immediately,”said Yellow Vest supporter Tahz San on Facebook. “It’s elected officials’ worst nightmare.” reports: Protesters plan to empty their bank accounts on Saturday, withdrawing as much money as possible in a bid to undermine the French banks – if not the euro itself. The plan is to “scare the state legally and without violence,” forcing the government to adopt the movement’s Citizens’ Referendum Initiative, which would allow citizens to propose and vote on new laws.

“We are going to get our bread back…you’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up,” said protester Maxime Nicolle in…

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16 thoughts on “Macron Panics as Yellow Vests Plan to Trigger Bank Run

  1. Hopefully France will not end up w a fascist government like in Hungaria. In Hungary, people are forced to work 400 extra hours a year no overtime. They elected a fascist government.

    There is Bolnasaro, in Brazil who is cutting the minimum wage slashing programs for the poor. . Bolnasaro brags about how he will destroy the rain Forrest. He brags about go he will killi all the indigenous people in the rain forrest . Brags about building many nuclear reactors inBrazil like the fascists in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia Japan. Bramhalll. Don’t care she support racists and the far right like Armstrong . The fascists and Naziis the nsa is seeding.

    The nazis in Ukraine , sell postage stamps with pictures of their heros from ww2 , Nazi Germany SS Waffen

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  2. We need the ‘yellow vest’ protesters to come to Amerikkka to protest our own government shutdown because the federal workers who are affected are busy trying to obtain work at McDonald’s and Walmart to tide them over until the shutdown is over. Take to the streets? That is unthinkable! And when HUD stops ALL rent subsidies to landlords and the eviction notices start being sent out, the cowed and neutered Americans will just buy a tent and promptly get typhus and hookworm while hoping for the best. You see over here, through it all, we “Keep hope alive!”

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    • Trump is a fascist fuk. Bannon and the NSA are taking advantage of the economic and social chaos in the world to put fascists in power in most of the world that are as bad or worse than centrists like Macron or Clinton. They immediately cut taxes for the rich like Bolnasaro and trump and omran.: the fascist in Hungary. Same for Poland. They cut social programs, lower the minimum wage, get rid of overtime like Orban has in Hungary so people have mandatory overtimework of400 hours year.

      Bolnasaro got into power in Brazil with Bannon using Cambridge analytics and facebook along with evangelical bullshit and a big hand from the US, CIA and NSA
      Bolnasaro in Brazil is slashing the minimum wage, wants to kill all the poor and indigenous with death squads . he says he will breach all free speech and rights. He brags about climate denial building nuclear power plants everywhere and wiping out the rain forest.

      Trump declares a state of emergency while he deregulated nuclear in america , so he Perry, bill gates an make make trillions taking in the world hi level nuclear waste and building thousands of Bill Gates extremely dangerous salt cooled nuclear reactors.

      Trump is busy completely deregulating nuclear and reclassifying the most dangerous radionuclides in the Universe like plutonium, cobalt 60, strontium as safe.

      All of fascists are pronuclear in this post fukushima shithole world, even in Nazi Chernobyl Ukraine and fascist Belarus. And in Poland. The baltics. Soon in Spain and france. They promise one thing then just fuk everyone over far worse than before. In Japan they are doing the same things and worse.
      It is .So Brannon , trump, the elites can have fascist-totalitarian cronies all over the world in this time of extreme economic and environmental chaos. Rape what’s left of the earth. Turn the people into slaves. Declare martial law states. suk the people totally dry. Poison the shit out of everything and turn the earth into an irreversable nuclear and poisonous hell with shitty Russian reactors everywhere.


    • I continue to be amazed, Shelby, that the 800,000 federal workers who aren’t getting paid aren’t in the street protesting. How did they come to be so passive? So many homeless people are unwell – both physically and mentally – I can see why they would find it hard to protest. But federal workers? Up until now I assume they have been well fed and in good health.

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  3. The whole goddamned country of Murica needs to protest and I hope the people in France are not stupid enough to put another orban or Bolnasaro in France like Marie Le pen in in France. Yet evil Nazi demon me pen is polling hi in France.
    So bramhall u support racist-nazi snakes like bolnasaro, Marie le pen, orban, porko the nazi ss waffen snake in Ukraine don’t you? Bring back the concentration camps bramhall says like Armstrong and the multitude of alright , proud-boys, waning, 4 than, Cambridge analytical, i360 paid hacks are pushing for. Cyanide Gas the poor . gas anyone left of Stills the hun. Put everyone in slave prison camps. Start new cold war nuclear arms races. Turn what’s left of the world into a massive radioactive chemical sewer


      • Then why did you promote the yellow vest fascists in Canada that want to kill indigenous people , push pipelines, put people they don’t like In front of tribunals like the trump fascists in america.
        You know the article you promote by the neonazi Armstrong promoting the. Fascist yellow jacket asses in Canada. You would not support genocidal Nazis at this time u say but would have yesterday or will tomorrow. What a crock


        • I reposted an article about yellow vest protests in Canada, Gloria, because I feel people need to be aware they are happening. If you have reliable evidence that fascists are controlling these protests or trying to push pipelines or kill indigenous people, I would be very grateful if you could share it. I’m aware that both the far right and the far left are trying to claim credit for the Yellow Vest protests in France and elsewhere but I’m inclined to agree with the CBC that protestors are airing a variety of grievances rather than a specific ideological agenda:


          • Bannon racist operatives and proud boys are very active in canada. They are on Twitter posing as antinuclear and in various other forms. The two word giveaway for these fuks is kill Antifas
            They use protest they used Faceboook,
            Cambridge analytics, the cia, Christian fascists for the coup in Brazil. For the coup in Hungary. In January there is a counterrevolution going on that will probably fail from the iron fists of the fascists.They are pushing for a fascist coup in France.
            Armstrong is a known neonazi.
            Marie Le pen in France is bragging about how she now has the financial support to stage a fascist coup in France. We know what happened in ukraine


    • Gloria. Where on earth did you find anything promoted by Dr. Stuart as being even vaguely supportive of the claims you made? Weird, to say the least. Be angry – that’s good, but at least get your facts right and stop lashing out at those who are actively trying to change the world for good.



    THIS article is not from the canadian press or government. It is from a fascist and it advocates a fascist yellow vest movement in Canada.

    It goes right for the throat of Alexandria Cortez who is a staunch defender of the American constitution, free speed and right of assemmbly

    How long before the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s permanently fix that?

    1. Just starts spewing the worst extreme-right propaganda right off the bat. How can u say it does not bramhall?

    2. Armstrong is a known rightwing fascist as the blog writer of the article is

    3.So bramhall you are saying that them advocating not letting anyone get in the way of Canada’s pipelines including the ones on indigenous land in america and Canada is not fascist? I don’t think indigenous people would agree

    That is exactly what the playbook of the fascist yellow vests of Canada say they will do eliminate anyone in the way of the pipelines

    It is the playbook of Bolnasaro in Brazil who staged a fascist coup and says he intends to tear up the Amazon and kill the indigenous people their

    There is the damned proof

    Bolnasaro has suspended civil rights in Brazil. Lowered the minimum wage . cut taxes on the corporations. And rich . Brags about building nukes their. Cut all services for the poor. Privatized everything. It is what

    I cannot believe that you do not care but I might be wrong Bolnasaro staged a fascist coup and says he intends to tear up the Amazon and kill the indigenous people their

    Bolnasaro has suspended civil rights in Brazil. Lowered the minimum wage . cut taxes on the corporations. And rich . Brags about building nukes their. Cut all services for the poor. Privatized everything.

    It is what Orban has done in Hungary, the Nazis in Ukraine, in Poland, in Slovakia, in Japan, in Belarus. It is what Le pen , and avowed Nazi fascist wants to do in France . it is what Spanish fascists want to do .

    The yellow vests in France are mostly not fascist maybe 10 to 20 percent are but if they ruthlessly seize power in France with the help of Bannon and the nsa I feel bad for them


      • The MC viewpoint blog and Armstrong blogs are fascist

        From the firstsalvo the fascist bullshit is spewed out
        “Tt is not hard to believe arrests were made on the basis of being anti government. The US origin was based on being anti government. How long before the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s permanently fix that?”

        Goes right after AOCs throat implying she is against freedom of speech and assembly when the fascist bastards who wrote the article and Martin Armstrong support the worst fascist bastards currently in power Bolnasaro and Omran and would immediately supports a government in the us and Canada. To start the tribunals on anyone left of Bolnasaro as they have said many times on the internet and elsewhere

        They support anything to keep pipelines in Canada and America going.


        • First they will come for the progressives and many people will not speak out—
          Even progressives

          Then they will come for the trade unionists, and people will not speak out—
          Because they are not union members.

          Then they will come for the Jews, blacks, women college professors, journalists because people will not speak out—
          Because they are none of the above

          Then they will come for the rest because there will be no one left to speak for for us


          • Gloria.
            Oh dear, you are boxing your own shadow and can only end up making a lot of noise without actually saying anything of value – that’s not the way to facilitate change. Perhaps some day you’ll learn this.


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