London, Washington, Paris: Capitalist Chaos in Imperial Empires

Jan 2019 has been a bad month for capitalism.

The Free

Fall of Empires: London, Washington & Paris on brink of collapse (by George Galloway)
Despite the thrashing around of the NATO disinformation apparat, the imperial heartland has entered 2019 in a state of complete chaos.

Washington, London, and Paris – the three capitals of the Empire – are today effectively ungoverned, shutdown, tottering on the brink of collapse or under siege by their own people.

‘It’s high time citizen’s groups abolished the central state and the 1% and reorganised society from the bottom up’.

We should start at the top of the Empire. The United States government has closed down amid stasis and a barrage of inter-governmental howitzers.

The defense secretary, ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, has resigned as have other uniformed subalterns angry at the president’s re-found determination to withdraw from costly and losing foreign wars. The actual “mad dog” – John Bolton – openly defies President…

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3 thoughts on “London, Washington, Paris: Capitalist Chaos in Imperial Empires

  1. I am glad the government is shutdown and I hope it continues into perpetuity because Americans need a dose of reality. The affected folks are suing the Trump Administration and we ALL know how long lawsuits take to settle or head to court and so what is that going to accomplish? The FBI is even moaning and whining because the claim is that they are going to lose their credentials if they can’t get a check and pay their bills. Other government unions are in the process of filing lawsuits to ‘make’ Trump cease with his border wall bullshit and reopen the government. Meanwhile, Trump is digging his heels in and so are the folks in congress who think a border wall would be a ridiculously costly failure, which it would, but that’s of no consequence to Trump. And so the lawsuits will commence, the mumbling will continue and federal workers will simply try and obtain employment elsewhere until this latest government shutdown comes to an end. I gotta tell ya, with Trump at the helm, federal jobs ain’t looking so good. And now that the weekend is here, congress has headed home and the federal workers are filling out applications. It’s ALL good!


  2. I tend to share your sentiments, Shelby. Hopefully ordinary Americans are going to see how useless and unnecessary the US government truly is. I’m surprised they aren’t paying the FBI – I would have thought “law enforcement” was considered an essential service. I simply can’t imagine working for anyone who didn’t pay me.

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    • Dr. Bramhall, no one can get these brain dead cretins over here to understand that those ‘in power’ would not hesitate to throw us ALL under the bus, even those who are paid to spy on us and enforce the law against us. Now those who are paid to ‘enforce the law’ have been thrown under the bus and they still can’t see that they are just as expendable as the rest of us are? How much sense does that make? The only thing they’re grumbling about is the potential loss of their credentials to enable them to continue to work for no pay. That is just beyond stupid!

      TPTB have studied US well, as you can see. Who? US? Rise up? HA! That’ll be the day and TPTB are absolutely aware of that! They’re sitting back saying, “See, we told ya. We got ’em right where we want ’em.” And they do! Even down to the FBI and the Department of Homeland ‘Security’. That’s rich! Because even the FBI is living paycheck to paycheck. I find this ALL to be absolutely, devastatingly entertaining.

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