Millions of Indian workers hold two-day general strike against Modi government

Workers from key economic sectors—banks, insurance, transport, postal, anganwadi (child care centres), mines and various government offices—joined yesterday’s strike.

Journal of People| January 09, 2019

Over 180 million workers began a two-day general strike across India yesterday in protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s big business assault on the working class. Tens of thousands of workers defied threats of sacking and pay cut by state governments to join the national walkout.

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5 thoughts on “Millions of Indian workers hold two-day general strike against Modi government

  1. India is one of many nations with great disparity in wealth in the population, but I don’t see it as caused by well-managed, free market capitalism. I see it as caused and maintained by the caste system, and that appears to being rejected by many today.


  2. India’s caste system is extremely problematic for those who are ‘cast’ out of the opportunity to acquire wealth due to their low standing in the caste system. How one nation of people who all look alike can decide to establish a caste system that designates some of its people to poverty, homelessness and hunger while another segment reaps the benefits of wealth and privilege by their standing in the caste system is just beyond me.


    • Responding to your last sentence, they don’t all look alike. Add to that the nature of inhumanity to man commonly found. Pride, egotism, indifference (at best, sometimes it is enjoyment) to the suffering of others, greed, lust for power …


  3. Sadly, I suspect marblenecltr is right, Shelby. They largely use skin color in India to distinguish caste. Higher caste Indians are careful not to spend too much time in the sun less their skin become too dark.


    • I worked with some people from India and there was indeed, a dark skin Indian man who was even darker than most Black people and the other Indians dined with him in the company lunch room. What I meant was that they are ALL Indians. So, why they have designated certain Indians for different caste systems is still beyond me. It is not as if they are here in Amerikkka where everyone came from somewhere else. They’re all from that region and they still discriminate? I guess there’s just no hope then.

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