Air Traffic Controllers Join TSA Workers In Sickout

With staff shortages and overworked and stressed out air traffic controllers, you have to wonder wonder how safe US air travel is during the current shutdown?

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Shutdown Stories: Air Traffic Controllers Join TSA Workers In Sickout – News & Guts Media

Iwanted you to know it is not just TSA calling out sick. However, I can tell you that hundreds of Air Traffic Controllers are also calling in sick in the FAA. We have facilities barely staffed, calling in overtime to cover for the sick leave.

The morale is worsening by the day as controllers are becoming irritable as their jobs are stressful the way it is. They have to maintain their medical to keep their jobs, so they can’t call out sick too many days in a row. However, the attitude is becoming more and more obvious. NATCA (National Air Traffic Controllers Association) and other unions are speaking out on their behalf in a professional way, but I can tell you the workforce is getting pissed. They are dedicated to do their jobs, but I…

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3 thoughts on “Air Traffic Controllers Join TSA Workers In Sickout

  1. It must be frustrating right about now for those who voted for Trump and who find themselves in a predicament such as this one in that they dare not do anything that may cost them their job and yet at the same time, they are working without pay and are somehow expected to pay their bills. The sad part is that presidents and members of congress have had multiple shutdown showdowns and they are not impacted, negatively, in the least over any of them. And some members of congress believe that by loudly decrying that they are refusing their paychecks in solidarity with federal workers who are not receiving theirs, and are actually “feeling their pain” is absolutely ridiculous!

    I wonder what is going to happen if the stalemate continues and the credit cards are finally maxed out. What then?

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