The Unpopular Attempt to Privatize Mexico’s State-Owned Oil Company

Crude Harvest: Selling Mexico’s Oil

Al Jazeera (2014)

Film Review

This documentary is about efforts by the Mexican government to privatize the country’s state-owned oil company. This extremely unpopular move would help lead to their defeat in the July 2018 election by left-leaning Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka Mexico’s Bernie Sanders).

The film also explores the devastating effect of NAFTA on Mexican agriculture, as well as the link between two million farm workers losing their jobs and the explosion of organized crime. Due to high unemployment, farm workers put out of work by NAFTA are left with only two choices: to cross illegally into the US or to work for Mexican crime cartels.

Pemex, Mexico’s state owned oil company, was first nationalized in 1938. When multinational oil companies demanded compensation, tens of thousands of Mexican peasants pawned their possessions to help the government buy out the foreign oil/gas companies.

Mexico is the last country to offer up nationally owned oi/gas resources to foreign exploitation. US oil companies are rubbing their hands with glee at the immense profit potential of untapped oil/gas reserves in a country with virtually no environmental or labor regulation.

Mexican drug cartels are responding to the corporate invasion by kidnapping oil/gas workers. This significantly increases the cost of production.

3 thoughts on “The Unpopular Attempt to Privatize Mexico’s State-Owned Oil Company

  1. Europeans absolutely refuse to cease with the exploitation of indigenous populations wherever they may be. Everyone who has some sort of permanent tan is destined for exploitation, enslavement and theft of their natural resources even at gun point and by use of bombs if necessary.

    Wherever there is money to be made, there is going to be some European behind some scheme to bilk as much as they can from everyone everywhere. The Indians, the Aborigines, the Eskimos, the Maoris, the Mexicans, the Africans were all exploited, enslaved and killed for their natural resources and free labor and the list is endless and it continues to present day. The Europeans have turned South and Central American countries into cesspools of corruption and vice by way of the CIA sending in drugs and guns and initiating coups against democratically elected heads of state and then when the shit hits the fan and those people try to cross the border into America trying to escape the chaos, violence and other serious crises American corporations and their agents have caused, they are met by murderous border guards and border fencing and if Trump gets his way, a border wall which actually makes no sense because there are so many tunnels that are underneath the states that border Mexico as to make it not even worthwhile to fund a border wall. While the Berlin Wall came down, Trump wants to build walls. How much sense does that even make in this day and age? None.


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