Industrial Agriculture: The Truth About Where Your Meat Comes From

Land of Hope and Glory UK Earthlings Documentary

Surge (2017)

Film Review

This is a documentary about the brutal conditions under which factory farmed animals are raised in the UK, Australia and the US. This type of footage is extremely rare because Food Inc makes every effort to conceal the disgusting conditions under which our meat is produced.

Factory farmed pigs and chickens seem to fare the worst. Even though pigs are as intelligent and emotionally complex as dogs, they are raised in extremely confining cages and forced to lie in their own feces, as well as being routinely tortured and beaten by their keepers. Pigs, like most other factory farmed animals, are fed massive doses of antibiotics (contributing to antibody resistance and the rise of “superbugs”) while continual exposure to feces makes factory farmed meat a major source of food borne illness.

Chickens and more than 90% of ducks and turkeys are also crowded into pens. In chickens raised for meat, 45% suffer painful fractures because their specially bred bodies are too heavy for their skeleton.

What seems most consistent among all factory farmed animals (besides their continual exposure to feces) are the inhumane conditions under which they are killed. Although most jurisdictions require them to be asphyxiated or electrically stunned prior to slaughter, abattoir personnel are rushed and poorly trained. As the film clearly shows, many animals are still alive when they’re butchered.


7 thoughts on “Industrial Agriculture: The Truth About Where Your Meat Comes From

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    • I suspect, Rosaliene, that even eating fish will be a luxury in the near future. From everything I read, global fish stocks everywhere are on the verge of collapse. As for myself, I suspect snails and nuts will be my main source of protein (I have an intestinal infection that prevents me from digesting vegetable protein).


  2. I absolutely refuse to look at the video because like I stated in a previous comment on another blog post, I would be sitting somewhere needing all up and down on some ‘happy pills’ after viewing this. I have already wailed and sniffled my way through several previous videos you posted. I don’t eat meat and so therefore, I don’t need to see this because I already know what’s going down with the meat billions of people consume to the detriment of the animals and of themselves. I will not get up on a soapbox and preach, nor will I condemn those who have yet to embrace a vegetarian or even a vegan diet because it is a decision that each individual must decide for themselves. But I do think that with each new recall on turkeys, ground beef, and other animal products due to e coli and salmonella poisonings, many people will start to get a clue. And even though I’ll most likely get blasted because there have been recalls on produce as well, people can quite actually grow their own vegetables even if they have no land. Even if they live in an apartment with a balcony, they can grow plant-based food. It is not hard to do. Nor does it take a great deal of effort. Even with no balcony, plants can grow in a window. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Thank you for posting this Dr. Bramhall.


  3. Shelby, I saw a very reassuring statistic the other day – that only 30% of the world has embraced industrial farming. I don’t have anything against meat per se – what really irks me is this corporate drive to make meat cheap (in my view to compensate for the fact that housing is so incredibly expensive). Another thing I just learned is they don’t include the cost of housing (the most expensive item) in the cost of living index.

    In a true free market, the high cost of meat would naturally limit people’s consumption. As I see it, all the cruelty (and health problems) of industrial agriculture stem from this artificial drive to make it cheap.

    As for contaminated vegetables, all the pathogenic organisms come from animal poop – so eliminating factory farming of meat would solve the problem.

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