The Tragedy of 21 Million Climate Refugees

One Every Second

One EverySecond (2018)

Film Review

This documentary concerns the 21 million people (one every second) who are forced from their homes (yearly) by catastrophic climate events. Islands and low lying coastal communities, especially in the developed world, are the most vulnerable. This is mainly due to flooding and contamination of crop lands by salt water. The third world poor (particularly women and girls) have limited options for relocating, and their governments are rarely in a position to help them.

This film tells the harrowing tale of a 14 year old Bangladeshi girl forced into prostitution in Dhaka when floods destroy her rural family home. She speaks quite poignantly about clients who refuse to pay unless she pretends to enjoy herself, about gang rapes and about police who threaten her with arrest unless she pays protection money or rewards them with sexual favors.

4 thoughts on “The Tragedy of 21 Million Climate Refugees

  1. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    This is an excellent example of what is going to happen to each of us, even those of us in the U.S. because don’t believe for a second that this country is ready for catastrophic climate change events. Just ask those who lived through Hurricane Michael recently. Down in Florida, there are still many, many people homeless and even business owners have seen their businesses wash away. Medical offices have been inundated with flood water and the situation is getting even more dire by the nanosecond.

    The video features a young Bangladesh girl who was forced into prostitution thanks to climate change since her home was flooded, forcing them to evacuate and live in a tent. This young girl felt that she needed to do something to earn a living and so moved to Dhaka where she joined other sex workers who had been displaced by flooding. The horrors she suffers are indescribable and her torment is palpable. And yet, we continue to drive our cars, fire up the heat and AC to the highest degree possible and continue on as though since some of us have not yet been impacted by climate change, we never will. That is just being foolish. It is going to come around to us ALL. Never doubt it for a minute. We know we have a fool for a president, but must we also refuse to acknowledge what is right before our very eyes. Wake up people. Although in reality, it is probably too late anyway. What fools we all are, to continue to embrace and hasten our own demise.

    If the video doesn’t load, just click this link and return to the original blog. If you’ve got a beating heart, then you’ll shed a tear or two, for sure. I know I did:


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