Big Money—Not Political Tribalism—Drives US Elections

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Conventional wisdom asserts that American politics is becoming more and more tribal. But the chiefs of the tribes share a lot in common: dependence on big money.

by  Thomas Ferguson, Paul Jorgensen, and Jie Chen Institute for New Economic Thinking Oct 31, 2018

Talk about “tribalism” in American politics is all the rage. But in politics, the chiefs of the tribes do almost all the talking. And they raise money, on a colossal scale. So, take a look. Does their fundraising reflect a tide of small donations from masses of concerned Americans they claim to be speaking for?

Size of Contributions: Profiles of American Political Leaders, 2016 Cycle

The Lesson:

  1. Political leaders of both major parties depend heavily on large contributions — meaning over $10,000 or $100,000 — in our 2 year election cycles.
  2. Mitch McConnell is uniquely reliant on them. In 2016 Clinton relied more on…

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3 thoughts on “Big Money—Not Political Tribalism—Drives US Elections

  1. Rightwingers say they will hold tribunals, on everyone who is not republican after the midterms. They are serious. A legislator in washingto says his army of god, will purge the country of liberals, democrats, socialists.


    • Politics in america are poisonous. The right-wing has gone bat-shit crazy with it. Schumer, pelosi should be gone. There are lines a mile long, of young people waiting for expired food, at food pantries. Th repuklicans and corporate democrats do not care. The right wing is dedicated to fomenting hate of women, the poor, the young, different ethnicities. The center enables the hate.
      Meanwhile america burns. So many young people burdened with student loans, they cannot repair.
      Soon there will be no medicare and, only the very few will have medical access. I know. I was a provider for years. Got cancer. Lost everything. America really sucks.


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