Does Social Media Sell Us a Rope to Hang Capitalism?

By Hiroyuki Hamada

While some people are campaigning to get friends off Facebook due to its authoritarian censorship, I would also like to note that my Facebook network has been a great tool in learning about the hidden mechanisms of our time–often in high resolution, close-up details.  Through Facebook posts I have learned who Muammar Gaddafireally was, what he meant for the Libyan people, and why the West was determined to destroy Libya.  I have learned how the Western governments tried to destroy Syria.  I have learned the century old history of the Western project to destroy Russia.  I have learned how the corporate political party duopoly sells us projects of exploitation and subjugation through their good cop/bad cop marketing scheme.  I have learned how sociopolitical, economic and cultural institutions perpetuate a capitalist hierarchy according to the interests of the ruling class.

Many of us are learning the structural mechanism of how the global capitalist hierarchy places people under the rule of corporatism, colonialism and militarism, while shelling out schemes after schemes to blind us, divide us, exploit us and subjugate us.  One of my FB friends, the historian Luciana Bohne described what Facebook does with the old saying which is often ascribed to Lenin: “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”

We reside within the imperial framework.  There are a myriad ways that we are connected to the structural mechanisms of inhumanity.  The fact that we are a part of the system is a given condition.  It is a challenge to recognize the overall effectiveness of our actions in serving the purpose of bringing about a structural change to forward the interests of the people in harmony with our environment, while we are also a part of the structure.

Obviously, it is a difficult task, balancing ourselves to firmly stand, when we realize that we stand on colonized ground. How do we bring about a new world as we are born into the imperial cage, never fully seeing a world truly based on sharing, mutual respect and harmony with each other and with our environment?

One thing that’s clear is that we need each other to stand straight in raising awareness of the dire necessity of systemic change.  The very act of connecting to one another spreads the critical awareness we need to build, the momentum to push away the decaying order of inhumanity. . .

Source: Does Social Media Sell Us a Rope to Hang Capitalism?

2 thoughts on “Does Social Media Sell Us a Rope to Hang Capitalism?

  1. I must admit, Rosaliene, I also use Facebook to organize protests and other political events. People don’t seem to want to use email any longer and it’s much easier than phoning everyone. I know for sure my Facebook friends are real people because I see them regularly in real life.


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