By Slowing Small Solar, Utilities May Miss Technological Wave

In the long run, locally controlled distributed solar energy will always be cheaper than the fossil fuel-based grid – without centrally controlled oil/gas monopolies demanding their cut in the form of shareholder profits and bloated CEO salaries.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


The overwhelming momentum of solar technology is lower prices, better performance, and, combined with plummeting costs for batteries – it seems inevitable that some utility customers, if not given the option of installing solar on homes or businesses, may eventually decide to drop off the grid, if they are able to self generate sufficient power.

Opportunities would vary by state, but examples might be farmers, business owners with available open space, flat roofs, or parking lots – medium sized customers who, in leaving, increase costs for those consumers who remain on the utility grid.

Sets up utilities for a classic death spiral. Just sayin’.

I’m cheering Utilities as they attempt to change course from a centralized to distributed generation model, and appreciate the “changing course of the aircraft carrier” nature of this problem. DTE is doing some absolutely vital yeoman’s work in deploying wind energy.
But I feel the need…

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