Should a Collapsing America Just Break Up?

By Umair Haque


America is ripping itself apart. So much so that I couldn’t help but notice another strange, gruesome, and bizarre turning point in American collapse today. On the heels of Trump mocking Dr Ford, many famous and powerful right-wing extremists were bellowing, for the first time I can remember, in unison, a shared, loud, and explicit support of real, physical violence — “I love fighting!! What kind of man hasn’t been in a fight? Not a real one, I’ll tell you that!”

Violence is virtuous, healthy, ennobling, in other words. My friends, this is far, far outside the lines of discourse we should expect from a civilized society. These are the kinds of things the sneering thugs and grandees who become the proud lieutenants and captains in the armies of dictators tend to say just before a democracy collapses. So while all that might strike you as inconsequential, I think it’s indicative of a deeper and truer malaise — because, of course, on the heels of the Kavanaugh debacle, it is a justification for the idea that anything should go. But can anything go in a democracy?

Americans don’t agree on two things anymore. Personhood and violence. They don’t agree that all people are people, or should be, or even can be — and therefore, many Americans appear to believe in many or most of the following things. It’s perfectly acceptable to rape women if you can get away with it, it’s perfectly fine to put children in camps, it’s perfectly desirable to suggest, believe, “know that” some groups are inherently superior to others, it’s quite alright to want to ethnically cleanse a society, it’s perfectly healthy to “debate” ideas like authoritarianism and fascism (as if two world wars hadn’t settled the question). Need I go on?


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5 thoughts on “Should a Collapsing America Just Break Up?

  1. Breaking up America is not the answer. The problem is that there are 2 distinctive and very opposite narratives we are being told. There is one for the Dems (Trump is horrible and Dems are saviors) and one for the Repubs (Trump is our savior, Dems will destroy us). And then there are the voters, most of whom identify with either Dem or Repub or left/right. We are being told 2 entirely different narratives. Dont believe me? Look at alt media on left side and then look at alt media on conservative side. You will not believe how separate and opposite both narratives are. Both sides have been brainwashed, but most especially the left is not getting the whole truth, especially for the last 8 yrs. I voted Dem for 40 yrs but found out about all the lies in 2016. Even Bernie Sanders was rigged – $ I donated to him went to Hillary, who I have NEVER liked and would never donate to. Bernie said zero about this, ever.
    Apparently the author of this piece has no idea about the NUMEROUS threats of violence coming from the left, too. Read about what is happening in Portland right now and learn about how Antifa was a Nazi group in WW2, even had almost identical logo. It’s my guess many on the right want a Christian theocracy. 2 opposite sides with nothing in between for middle of the roaders, or those who choose their candidates based on that individual not by party. If you owe strong allegiance to a political party, they can run anyone they want and tell whatever lies they want to, you will still probably vote for them and not believe the negative things about them. The only thing we need to know is that Dem/Repub are really one corrupt party and that we are being lied to and played because the ones in charge dont really have a party, they’re almost all corrupt and part of the cabal.


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