Nicaragua: Truth, US Funding and Corporate Shills

Stephen Sefton a recent activity of the right wing Inter-American Dialogue organization in Washington the moderator Michael Shifter asked guest speaker, Nicaraguan Vice Foreign Minister Valdrack Jaentschke, how he explained the consensus among various foreign news reporters that the attempt to overthrow the Nicaraguan government resulted from popular protest rather than a coup attempt. Jaentschke explained that foreign, mainly US, funding of opposition aligned NGOs facilitated a fake news version of events. That fake news subsequently fed into meretricious reports by the human rights bodies of the Organization of American States and the United Nations.

Jaentschke might have added that the process was identical to the fake news facilitating the infamous NATO country interventions of 2011, with the connivance of the United Nations, in Ivory Coast, Libya and Syria. The same process facilitated US and European Union support for the 2014 coup in Ukraine and sustains the permanent regime change offensive against President Maduro’s government in Venezuela. Reporting on all those events, Western NGOs as well as corporate and alternative media have frequently served as apologists for extremist terrorism and sectarian mass murder. Now those same NATO country media and NGOs have attacked Nicaragua.

The lines of attack are always that the target government is corrupt, anti-democratic and brutally repressive, somewhat like the regime in the United States of North America, but worse. In Nicaragua’s case, the narrative was that peaceful protests led to a brutal massacre of students leading to a nationwide protest movement supported by most of the population, viciously suppressed by means of wholesale human rights abuses. However, that fantasy right wing opposition version has collapsed both inside the country and in the majority world beyond. The Western media and NGO regime change offensive has not gone as well as they might like.

The US fomented coup failed in Nicaragua because the opposition’s lies do not resist common sense scrutiny or day to day reality. Peaceful protests do not result in 23 dead police officers with another 350 or so suffering gunshot wounds. Officers of a police force internationally recognized for its community policing model do not overnight turn into mass murderers. Dozens of public buildings and offices do not spontaneously combust and burn themselves down. Now, confirmed deaths linked to the failed coup attempt total around 200 people between April 18th and July 15th , the great majority of them Sandinistas or bystanders killed by opposition and associated criminal gangs…

While international human rights organizations claim widespread abuses, inside Nicaragua around 200 opposition activists and associated criminals are facing trial on indictments including murder, grievous bodily harm, torture, arson, kidnapping, extortion, robbery with violence, criminal damage, obstructing access to health care, theft and illegal possession of firearms. Amnesty International has championed several of these cases including those of Amaya Eva Coppens and Edwin Carcache, both of whom face damning witness testimony and other evidence very likely to result in conviction. Despite that undeniable context, Amnesty International have doubled down on their false accusations of human rights abuses claiming, as well as denial of due process and prison visits, that prisoners have been tortured and women prisoners have been sexually abused.

The government has rejected all the accusations, either disproving them outright or casting reasonable doubt on their truthfulness. All the accusations are based on unverified testimony from activists of US funded opposition organizations or alleged victims’ relatives co-opted and coached by those organizations. Likewise, regular massive marches of supporters confirming the popularity of the Sandinista government contrast with embarrassingly small turnouts for Nicaragua’s opposition events. For its part, Amnesty International shares its defense of violent criminals and demonstrably false allegations of torture and abuse of prisoners with the Inter American Commission for Human Rights and the UN High Commission for Human Rights both of whom have presented reports based almost entirely on unverified opposition media reports and information collected by US funded opposition NGOs. . .


via Nicaragua: Truth, US Funding and Corporate Shills

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