Carbon Dioxide Is Shriveling Men’s Balls

The correlation is nearly perfect. As CO2 levels change, sperm concentrations in male semen change right along

The Extinction Chronicles

A new study from researchers in California has reached some astonishing new conclusions. An interdisciplinary team composed of members from physics, physiology, statistics, and atmospheric sciences began with results from a metastudy of sperm concentration in men. This study (chart on left) confirmed that sperm concentrations have been declining since the early 70s. At the same time, measurements from the Mauna Loa Observatory show that CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have been rising during the same period (chart on right):

After validating a parameterless model based on surprisingly common consumer software packages, the team derived a transformation equation based on τ = 1 at 1973 for the Mauna Loa data:

y =  π +κx, where π = -238 and κ = -ln(11)

The math behind all this is too advanced for most laymen to understand, but it can be illustrated in chart form quite…

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13 thoughts on “Carbon Dioxide Is Shriveling Men’s Balls

    • I think the correlation is probably okay, Rosaliene, but as you point out correction doesn’t automatically indicate causation. I think the point here is to get some climate deniers (which in my experience are mostly male) to start worrying their balls might be shrinking.


  1. Well finally — this might get some action!
    It doesn’t look like most of us care enough about our planet or even about our grandchildren to be willing to forsake our lazy fossil fuel habits. But a mortal threat to men’s cherished virility? That may be a different matter!
    Thanks for all the interesting items you dig up for us. – Linda

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  2. “Carbon Dioxide Is Shriveling Men’s Balls”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! First, let me pick myself up off the floor over THAT one! Dr. Bramhall, did you make the title up or was that the title of the original article? LMAO!! I can’t wait until they cannot even find the shriveled raisins with a microscope and it would serve them right since ‘white’ men, for the most part, are responsible for why this planet is in the shape that it’s in. When ALL lies barren and desolate and infertility is on them, then I guess they’ll ALL be satisfied. To hell with their shriveled, obsolete nuts!

    This one is a hoot! LOL!

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  3. For many years the number of babies correlated very closely with the stork population.

    That didn’t mean that the storks were responsible for the babies….

    There are heaps of correlations like that that are no proof of causality.

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  4. More likely from all the uranium, radium, tritium, cesium 137 in the food, water and soil everywhere in Murcia now. They are by far, the most potent toxin known to humans. 3000 or so nuclear bombs detonated in the 50s, 60s. Reactors, meltdowns, fukushima, Chernobyl . 200 million Americans drink water with uranium radium in it. Waste everywhere. Even in landfills. Most potent teratogen. Mutagen, sperm an ova neutralizer known. They at one time Used x-rays to sterilize women.

    Mother Jones is pronuclear so they print this. Could be a factor, but not as likely as radioactive poison. Estrogenic chemicals and pesticides effect it too. Look at what happened at fallujah with a little depleted uranium


    • Gloria, I suspect the article is an attempt to grab climate deniers where it hurts. As several commenters point out correlation doesn’t equate with causation – which is extremely difficult to establish with so many independent variables. Thanks for your comment.


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