Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods

Black Lives: Struggle, Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods

RT (2018)

Film Review

This RT documentary provides a brief glimpse into the lives of Ferguson residents since the murder of Michael Brown in 2015. It highlights the extreme poverty, homelessness, absence of services or jobs (in contrast to white St Louis) and the staggering number of abandoned homes. Reportedly St Louis has the highest proportion of abandoned homes of any US city.

The documentary also highlights a half dozen activists who are organizing to improve conditions in the African American community. Some have begun arming themselves in self-defense. In addition to harassment and arbitrary shootings by St Louis cops, a growing number of African American men (activists especially) are being targeted by the KKK and other white supremacist groups. Few of these homicides are investigated or prosecuted by police, resulting in a mounting number of unsolved murders.






5 thoughts on “Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods

  1. I watched the video and the struggles in St. Louis are mirrored all across this shithole. I am fighting racism, prejudice and bigotry where I live. We are on the frontlines and the battle is fierce. The white man is trying his damn best to reduce our numbers to that of the Indians, but we are not going out without a goddamn fight!

    And no, we are not dreaming. We are NOT Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We don’t have a time to dream. We are too busy in our attempts to beat back a foe so ungodly, so depraved, that we’ve got no time to dream. We don’t have the peace to dream. We are at war!

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  2. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    “Still Dreaming of Racial Justice in St Louis’ Black Neighborhoods”

    Hell if we are! We don’t have time to dream! We are at war! And the guy in the video speaks truth throughout the entire video. We are not stupid. We are just Black in a country we were dragged to by racists who are just like their ancestors. How fucked up is that? Watch the video and you’ll get a clue!

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