Flying On Commercial Airlines Subjects You To “Secret” Toxic Air Events That Even The FAA Refuses To Admit

KPIX 5 has obtained audio from a recent Alaska Airlines conference call, where employees were basically told that they needed to stay silent about the toxic fumes if they wanted to keep their jobs.

Truth To Power

A shocking new study has shown that “toxic air events” are happening on planes more often than the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is willing to acknowledge. The federal government’s refusal to admit that these catastrophic events are happening — largely due to a common flaw found in almost all aeroplanes — is putting the health of passengers and plane crews at serious risk.

Image: Flying on commercial airlines subjects you to “secret” toxic air events that even the FAA refuses to admit

As San Francisco’s CBS Local reports, the “open secret” in the aeroplane industry is finally starting to come out. In mid-July 2018, Flight 1097 was headed from Washington Dulles to Los Angeles — until they needed to make an emergency landing in Kansas City. The pilot reportedly told the control tower there were sick passengers on board.

An Alaska Airlines flight attendant, identified only as “Jane” for anonymity, told CBS Local, “People were being hospitalized.”

“My understanding is that the crew felt symptoms of…

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