4 thoughts on “Democrats have leads in Rust Belt states that Trump won: Reuters poll

    • It’s been my impression, Gloria, that Trump supporters come in a number of flavors – the ones at the top are definitely liars and frauds because they know better. Thus far my experience suggests that the blue collar whites who support Trump are mainly naive, ill-informed and gullible.


  1. There may well be an upset to Trump’s republican party stronghold position in congress, who’s to say, since Americans are not known for having high IQs, great memories and the ability to think for themselves? However, it was quite refreshing to read about the UN laughing at Trump’s message regarding America’s military might, as well as of his superhero efforts that improved the lives of ALL Americans by his mere presence on Twitter, daily. He, of course, being the narcissist that he is, has decided to imagine that the UN body was laughing ‘with’ him, not ‘at’ him and Nikki Haley had to go along by saying that the UN body was just so deeply touched by Trump’s *cough* *cough* *cough*…. honesty, it led to laughter. I have never known anyone to laugh at ‘honesty’. THAT one even choked me up!

    Nikki Haley: World leaders laughed at Trump because they love his honesty

    I just cannot make this shit up which leads me to continue to believe that ‘truth IS stranger than fiction’.


  2. Shelby, I must admit I, too, find it all quite funny. What I find particularly ironic is how well Trump, a billionaire, channels his proudly ignorant, racist, xenophobic (and sexist) support base. I think the rest of the world sees this, too, which is why they laugh.

    Thanks for your delightful comment. I made my day.

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