5 thoughts on “Bezos Launches $2 Billion Fund To Help The Homeless And Preschoolers

  1. This isn’t going to help anyone other than those who work at the “organizations supposedly focused on helping the homeless,” because if those organizations were doing anything, we would have seen the results, but what we see instead, are homeless encampments in ever increasing numbers. I just read that in Minnesota on Cedar and Hiawatha Streets, a homeless encampment is growing by leaps and bounds and those who work for the ‘organizations’ that are supposed to ‘house’ these people are instead, indulging in fits of hand wringing. So Bezos lame attempt at philanthropy has already fizzled out when he can ignore what his own workers are suffering and refuse to pay them more to keep them off the streets and from sleeping in their vans. He’ll get no ‘props’ from me.


  2. I don’t know much about what happens in Minnesota, Shelby, but I follow Seattle quite closely because I used to live there. Their current homeless statistics reveal that only 25% of their poverty income residents have housing – which reportedly compares to 30% nationwide.

    If politicians and billionaires are serious about housing the homeless, they need to come up with new housing stock – either by commandeering abandoned homes or by building new ones. Anything short of that is just hand wringing, as you mention.

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  3. Luckily for him, he’ll still have $156.2 billion left after giving $2 billion away. Hope he can get by. And do you know how much that $0.2 amounts to? $200 million! I will never give another cent to Amazon!


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