4 thoughts on “Chicago “Task Force” Looks At Implementing Universal Basic Income

  1. This is just diarrhea of the typewriter. Rahm emanuel is the most dishonest politician in murica w clinton the repukes and fuko. It is just diversion plain and simple. 500 a month will buy some people some candy bars. How frikin stupid


  2. I have to say that $500 a month is not going to go very far in Chicago. It may in some places in Mississippi or in Alabama and maybe West Virginia. A program of that sort should start with at least $1000 to do anyone any good due to the fact of outrageous housing costs nationwide. What would really do some good is for the cities to take those vacant houses that are owned by banks and investors that have left them to rot and decay and give them to people and model it after Habitat for Humanity whereas people in the community who have skills could help rehab those houses for them to live in. They would then be mortgage free and only have to maintain the dwellings. Also, for low income people in many cities in many states, there is a tax relief program that allows for low income people to not have to pay taxes on a house they own. This has been most helpful in allowing poor people to remain in older homes that need improvements.

    There are solutions to many issues out there that would give people some relief but I really don’t think the politicians are real serious in implementing them.


  3. If Chicago is anything like other cities, Shelby, the poor are mainly single women with children – most UBI proposals I’ve seen acknowledge this fact and pay a monetary benefit per person, not per family.

    I think your ideas for making vacant housing available for poor people to rehab and tax relief are excellent – but I think you’re right – politicians have no interest in helping poor people.

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