Letter to the International Olympic Committee #IOC from #Japan #Fukushima #UNHRC #IAEA #ICRP

International Olympic Committee confronted on Fukushima contamination.


Dear Friends,
I am transmitting you my message in Japanese sent out yesterday,
showing the state of radioactive contamination of Tokyo illustrated in accordance
 with the Chernobyl standards. Mr. Hiroshi Watanabe,author of the document, is a well-known expert on internal radiation.
Tokyo includes 3 wards having the right to emigrate and 2 wards and 3 cities to be placed under contamination surveillance.
The attached map is shocking and supports the campaign of the IPPNW~Germany ”2020 Radioactive Tokyo Olympic”.
It will oblige the IOC to react. It will strengthen the assertion that the Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 is out of the question.
Please allow me to count on your understanding and support.
Mitsuhei Murata
Former (Japanese) Ambassador to Switzerland
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2018 11:52 PM
Source of link to message in Japanese here;
NOTE; Picture of contamination with just Cesium 137 isotopes across…

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7 thoughts on “Letter to the International Olympic Committee #IOC from #Japan #Fukushima #UNHRC #IAEA #ICRP

  1. If athletes participate in those games(if they are not called off) over in ‘radiation paradise’, then they are stupid. Why would anyone expose themselves to something so dangerous as toxic radiation to the degree that it is in Tokyo? And if those in the International Olympic Committee don’t give a damn, I would refuse to participate in ‘The Games’. That is not worth dying for.


  2. 2 poundsof radioactive cesium is enough to kill everyone in NewJersey. Fukushima blewout and burned out tons of Cesium 137 and plutonium and strontium 90. There are so many lies in Japan Now. Part of my family is from Japan.

    Less than 10% of the people in Japan have any sort of optimism or peace. My best friend died of colon cancer last year. Her daughter has a brain tumor at age 25. They are from Yokohama.

    10s of millions of abortions and miscarriages. Tokyo and Yokohama have 100 timew the more lethal and carcinogenic amounts of highly radioactive cesium 137 in auto filters and air conditioner filters. 150 miles from Fukushima.

    My friends daughter, thought it might be cool to go to Tokyo foa a few weeks, 4 years ago. I told her not to go. She came back with a deep hacking cough , that stuck with her for months.

    This is from Busby;


  3. NOTE ; During the early months of the disaster a health survey was conducted by a Japanese nurse who had worked in the Chernobyl contaminated regions of Ukraine and Belarus. No other survey of its type was done by the Japanese authorities. Here is the video from a Japanese TV station that compiled the statistics and the discusssion that followed (In Japanese but with English subtitles). This video helps confirm the claims of the testimony from the 2Sept 2018 video above.

    A health survey in Fukushima covered up by the Japanese Media?


  4. Wow Nick, thanks for the update. The whole scenario is so tragic. Instead of continuing to lie about the radiation issue, the international community should be evacuating those Japanese who want to leave and working collaboratively to clean up the radiation.


  5. The radiation in Japan is caused by massive amounts radionuclides. Radionuclides that can never really be cleaned up.

    There has probably been another nuclear accident in japan from the last 6 eq on hokaido.

    The northern hemisphere is dominatied by by nucleoapes. France, england, japan, korea, murica, canada and especially russia. Idiotic-treacherous, nucleoapes. Nucleoapes like crazy man Trump and Abe are deregulating, old beatup, reactors.

    The insane japanese are opening old-reactors-damaged by the 9.0 fukushima eartquake of 2011.

    Chernobyl destroyed Ukraine, economically, politically and environmentally. Most have fled . Ukraine is in a civil war. More nuclear accidents have occured in Ukraine since 1986.

    There 17 old beatup Soviet Style Reactors in Ukraine. The are ill maintained. One or more serious nuclear meltdowns, like chernobly can occur there soon.

    Fukushima was a hundred times worse than chernobyl and chernobyl cesium 137 is still wreaking havoc in Belarus, Norwegian and swedish reindeer, german wild pigs 32 years later.

    Japan is failing economically. When it goes the US will go. I do not give it 5 years.

    A great deal of inhabitable western Russia is heavily contaminated by radionuclides. Their reactors are poorly designed and ready to go. Same with Murica and france.

    Multiple nuclear catatstrophes, will probably destroy what is left of the northern hemisphere with global warming. It will occur before global warming plays out. The radionuclide apocolypse will make the world uninhabitable. Too bad humans are so stupid.


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