Improved Medicare for All Becoming Unstoppable

Medicare for All is polling majority support among both Democrats and Republicans. It polls at 70% support overall.

Counter Information

Global Research, August 28, 2018

Medicare for all has had majority support in the United States for more than a decade. As more people become aware of the details, support is growing. An August 23rd poll, conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, found 70% of the public now supports Medicare for all. We see the potential for winning National Improved Medicare for All in the early 2020s if people continue to build the movement necessary to demand it.

Support Moves From Majority to Super-Majority, On the Way to National Consensus

This widespread support is occurring because health care is in a crisis in the United States that touches every family. A growing majority of doctors and medical students are urging Medicare for all because they are experiencing the negative impacts of a health insurance-dominated healthcare.

There is a large enough percentage of the population who understands…

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6 thoughts on “Improved Medicare for All Becoming Unstoppable

  1. From the article:

    “Both parties have put in place policies that undermine current Medicare and Medicaid. That’s why we need to emphasize that the movement is working for national IMPROVED Medicare for all. Senior citizens and those with Medicare and Medicaid will have better healthcare, that costs them less when NIMA is put in place. National improved Medicare for all will cover all body parts, e.g. eyes, ears, teeth and mental health. It also means that long-term care will be coveredwith a priority on home or community-based care.”

    This is exactly what is needed; medicare for all that will cover ALL body parts because the eyes, ears, teeth and mental health are ALL just as important as the other body parts and that includes the brain, emotions, etc. We really need to all get onboard with this because people are still losing their lives, families are going bankrupt trying to pay for necessary medical procedures that should be covered if we had such a plan as this one. It would free up money for other essential things necessary for human survival as well. Children would benefit greatly and it would in fact, be a win-win.

    Thanks for posting this most relevant article, Dr. Bramhall!


    • Thanks for commenting, Shelby. This is a subject most dear to my heart. Between 1988 and 2002 when I left the US I spent every waking moment organizing a grassroots lobby to pressure the government to enact single payer universal health care. Our group was nearly continuously infiltrated by spies from the Democratic Party and CIA funded left gate keeping foundations who repeatedly disrupted our work and one occasion tried to shut us down. A generation later I am really gratified to see the idea is finally catching on among American people. Of course, as Rosaliene and Tammy point out getting politicians to follow the will of the people is another story entirely.

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  2. The republican leadership got on tv last week. They SAID, THEY intend to end medicare and socicial security last week.

    This ARTICLE is a pile of crap no medicare period It is in the face of 20 million homeless. Many elderly in the streets. Ak much bullshit on the internet and everywhere these days. Trillions for nukes and military, while murica goes homeless and starves.



  3. I think you’re right about the November elections, Tammy. I think elections will continue to be rigged until they do away with computerized voting – another issue very dear to my heart.

    The severity of US homelessness was really brought home to me last week when I heard that only 33 out of 100 poverty level Americans can access housing. In Seattle that figure is 25 out of 100.


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