World’s Largest Study: Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

Scientists call on the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-evaluate the carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation after the Ramazzini Institute and US government studies report finding the same unusual cancers.

2 thoughts on “World’s Largest Study: Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

  1. Taken from the article:

    ““This study raises concerns that simply living close to a cell tower will pose threats to human health. Governments need to take measures to reduce exposures from cell tower emissions. Cell towers should not be near schools, hospitals or people’s homes. Public health agencies need to educate the public on how to reduce exposure from all sources of wireless radiofrequency radiation—be it from cell towers or cell phones or Wi-Fi in schools,” stated David O. Carpenter MD, former Dean of the School of Public Health at the University at Albany. “This is particularly urgent because of current plans to place small 5G cell towers about every 300 meters in every street across the country. These 5G ‘small cell’ antennas will result in continuous exposure to everyone living nearby and everyone walking down the street. The increased exposures will increase risk of cancer and other diseases such as electro-hypersensitivity.”

    What will it take to wake people up to the fact that the very devices that they clutch as though they are a lifeline, are in fact, killing them as well as the supporting technology that makes these devices work? How many ways can I say, ” That cellphone that you think you need more than food, water and air is killing you?” Are people really so stupid and brain dead that they cannot believe that billions of people existed on this planet just fine BEFORE cellphones, cell towers and 4G networks were introduced? With Monsanto’s Roundup making the rounds on our blogs, now this! Are we fighting a losing battle? Are we talking to ourselves? Do people even believe the truth of what we are saying? Do they even care? Their children are being exposed to cancer on a daily basis and the long term outlook for them is not good. Do the parents even care especially since they buy elementary school age children, cellphones?


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