WordPress Censorship: Appeal to Reinstate “American Everyman”

Just a week or so after Spotify, Google, Apple and Facebook made the curiously synchronized move to kick Alex Jones and InfoWars off their platforms, and just days after Facebook shut down Venezuelan news network TeleSur’s facebook page (for the second time), the war on the free internet has opened up another front.

Small independent blogs are being shut down, seemingly without reason and certainly without explanation.

AmericanEveryman.com has been closed without notice or warning, according to the blog’s owner Scott Creighton. Allegedly for violating WordPress’ “terms of service”, although they have apparently been entirely vague about how.

Other such blogs – fellowshipofminds.com and jaysanalysis.com – have suffered the exact same fate, on the exact dame day. There is undeniably a push to silence dissent and purge it from the internet. There may well be dozens – even hundreds – of other examples.

If you object to censorship, of any kind, please fill out a form on automattic.com and request that these blogs are reinstated.

Please support our friends who wish to do nothing but tell the truth. If enough of us make an appeal, they will listen.

…and if this website disappears, well, you know what happened.

Source: Internet Censorship: Appeal to Reinstate “American Everyman”

18 thoughts on “WordPress Censorship: Appeal to Reinstate “American Everyman”

  1. “seemingly without reason …” To stifle important information that would be unwanted by those opposed to President Trump?


    • I never heard of American Everyman, thanks for telling me about it. Those on the left and right have more in common regarding honor and sense of freedom than those in either party selling out our country. Sane Progressive, formerly close to Bernie S, expresses that well. After Americans get back control of our ship of state, we can be able to reasonably discuss and debate and vote on issues. No foreign-spirited Soros collusion, etc., no blackmail, etc. That would be one or more, much more, good postings.

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        • If you will take the time to read history, you will find out that censorship have been part of the USA even before Lincoln. What do you think that the policy “The carrot and the stick” is? That is older than you, for sure. Trump is just one more in the European mentality of superiority, but he did not start the system, he just follow the system like every politician in this demokrazy of ours. Good only for the upper echelons of society. The rest are just “dreamers” behind the smoke curtain.


          • Thanks for your comment, Carlos. In my personal view, the censorship doesn’t originate with Trump but with US intelligence. At the moment more right-wing pro-Trump sites are being taken down than left wing sites.


      • Absolutely, marblenecltr. My number one priority these days is bird dogging those wedge issues (like gun control) that keep the right and left at each others’ throats. Right and left has become a totally artificial division that are defined and controlled by the ruling elite.


  2. “…and if this website disappears, well, you know what happened.”

    Well good thing I don’t have to worry about that because I only have 456 followers and so that number is not deemed, a threat.

    However, it is not as if we did not see this coming. Dissent has been put in check in every other way. They are making it a crime to protest. They are considering Black people or descendants of slaves as being “Black Identity Extremists” for merely screaming “Black Power!” Protesters are being arrested, right and left and the only ones who are left alone are those who are screaming for a “pure white race.”

    One of my recording devices has been tampered with by remote access because I plugged it into the outlet to charge the battery, turned it on and it has been wiped clean, but what they don’t realize is that I have copies of everything on it, multiple copies sent to different people. So, they can just kiss my ass. If the spying mofos really thought I was that dumb, then shame on them.

    But Dr. Bramhall, this does not surprise me at all. Expect more to come. The drones are awakening and that is deemed, dangerous to the ‘elites’.

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      • Dr. Bramhall, my vehicles are as tamper proof as they can get because they are old and I damn near have to hand crank them to start them. The older the vehicle, the less likely it can be tampered with. That is why this new technology of ‘computerized’ everything is touted because ALL of it can be tampered with whether we think it can be or not. I had read that vehicles manufactured after 2011 can be controlled by remote access. None of my vehicles will ever have been manufactured after that date.

        How in the hell can my recording device receive an ‘update’ and reset itself to factory settings by merely plugging it into an electric wall socket? It shouldn’t be able to do that. It should only be able to do that if I plugged it into a computer.

        And you cracked me up about “WordPress hearing from you……!” I have tears in my eyes from that. Thank you! And even though I am not a paying member of WordPress, they would still hear from me if your site suddenly disappeared.


  3. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    To dissent against ‘The State’ is to be awakened. The ‘elites’ don’t want an awakened populace because an awakened populace is a dangerous one. And there are certainly not enough storm troopers to put us all down because that is the reason the police have been told to kill and there will be no consequences. That is the reason the police have been given militarized weaponry from war zones to be used against an awakened populace.

    Keep fighting in any way you can even if you have to stand on the corner or in front of a store and issue handouts. Where there is a will, there is a way!


  4. Trump…canceled plans for a Veterans Day military parade, citing the “ridiculously high” price tag — a day after US officials said the Nov. event could cost $92 million, more than 3 times the price first suggested” (link: http://www.startribune.com/trump-s-military-parade-delayed-until-at-least-2019/491084041/) startribune.com/trump-s-milita…

    But trillions for nuclear is okay.

    Trumps relationship with Russia is not the buddy-buddy crapola, we have all been gaslighted with, by rightiwingo sychphants and centrist devils. It is some screwy-demented, form of detente, being shaped by the arch neoconservative vampire, Henry Kissinger.

    We constantly get the worst propaganda from both the MSM TV and so-called indepependent alt-medias on the inet. Some altmedia shit maybe trickle down, many times it is sensationalism. It is sensationalisc in a similar way the MSM shit is. Some is probly linked to dark money.

    The creeps at the top live in a totally different world than we do. Their reality and goals are completely different.

    There was a recent alt- media story from a right-wing, protrump libertatian
    Thing, that Russia is deploying Nuclear-armed, ready jets, by Alaska.
    They are not yet some russian jets were observed there. Maybe ist was a ploy, to increase value of the altsites General Dynamics stock. Maybe propaganda.


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