4 thoughts on “Apple Gets to $1 Trillion – Trafficking in Goods They’ve Stolen

  1. I don’t have an iPhone. I even deleted iTunes off my computer and I only have an old ipod that was gifted to me when someone I know bought an upgrade and the only thing I use it for is to load pictures on my computer. I don’t even have a working cellphone because the piece of shit ‘smartphone’ that I bought for $25.00 when I moved so that I could make phone calls until my landline was hooked up, is now lying on the floor somewhere in one of my closets; hopefully never to be needed again.

    So, once again, I seem to be the lone holdout when it comes to purchasing Apple products and more’s the damn pity. We are enabling these companies to get away with murder and we have no problem with that because if we did, we would not continue to purchase their products and so we cannot take the high road and condemn these companies that are making out like bandits when they would not be doing so if not for the business we give them. Same with Amazon and Walmart and Starbucks. They are gigamungous and overrated because we made them so and those who make their products and who man the cash registers in those stores and work in the warehouses are treated like dirt and for little pay and we don’t have a problem with that either. Shame on us!


  2. I’m pretty much of a holdout myself, Shelby. I refuse to patronize Apple, Amazon, Walmart and Starbucks. Although I do confess to owning a Samsung 2G burner phone that I use to text a fellow organizer who doesn’t have a landline or access to email – and a Samsung 3G burner phone I use to text my daughter (who doesn’t have a landline) when I’m in the US. She gave me the 3G phone – you can’t buy them any more.

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